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  1. So unfortunately, the motherboard died ... After I unpacked the DISM image on eMMC and wanted to continue, so I got stuck and die. Now the PMIC warms up a lot Probably overloaded USB. I'm very angry, I lost a lot of time and I have nothing. I shouldn't have done it
  2. I use Windows 10 1903 - Windows Insider. I did not install Windows on Hudl 2, I took SSD from my laptop and booted it to Hudl 2 via USB converter.
  3. You're welcome Hudl 2 is my first project with which we tried something with UEFI, I tried to understand it a lot in depth, not to do the instructions like everyone tries, but I wanted to understand it by reverse engineering I am really happy that the time we devoted it to, so it works. Do you think Asus Zenfone 5 also has UEFI? : D
  4. Definitely, you have modified it in the attachment 32bit.zip
  5. Oh, that's good, I don't know it But I don't see anything without the display anyway: D Just after loading OS, but this is a good thing ... Secure boot is not in Setup, but it is especially variable.
  6. It's great, but it would take me longer if you didn't bring me the PCI ISP. Those Windows I was very pleased But I don't have much time to deal with them, so I'll try something later ... Without the display, I see nothing when booting the installation, but maybe I would try blindfolded and remembered I don't know if it makes sense, 16GB eMMC is little and if it will be OK, but if it works well, I have at least miniPC ... For us, such things are quite expensive, so I like to help this way
  7. OMG!!!!!!!! I've booted Windows 10 !!! It has a problem with WiFi and BT, but overall the system works, the image is smooth and quite usable. Just SOC warms up.
  8. And in the third place, I will give you reverse-tested variables from "Setup". 0x12B - ISP PCI dev. sel. 00 = Disabled 01 = B0D2F0 (for Win) 02 = B0D3F0 (for Linux OS) (Default) 0x1FD - OS Selection 00 = Windows 01 = Android 0x1FE - Droid Boot 00 = Disabled 01 = Enabled 0x1FF - Android Boot 00 = Disabled 01 = Enabled I'm really a beginner in this, but it has its logic. Please try to run Windows, I will be very happy
  9. In this appendix there are 2 ROMs for android, by which we have changed the variable for Android. I don't know what to do, but can anyone try it? One is with "Droid Boot" turned on - it should go booting into the Android loader or. fastboot and the like, maybe power and volume + / -, or fastboot, or you can get to UEFI Setup. Then there is the Android ROM that has "Boot Android OS" turned on. I don't know what will change, but you can try. Please also give feedback Hudl 2 - Android.zip
  10. In the appendix there is a ROM in which I changed the system from Android to Windows and ISP PCI. Please result, I can't get HDMI on boot to try it myself. Hudl 2 - WIN.zip
  11. Yes, you're right, I didn't notice that before. I can find the change that bit is. It is possible that it will work with Ubuntu and Windows after the change, with Android not having to. Thank you for a great note, I have to try it out at the weekend, maybe even today, I'll share it all.
  12. Hi If you want, I have a bootloader with an unlocked SecureBoot that can run with the original android, but with Ubuntu. On Ubuntu, I started running WiFi and Bluetooth, but they didn't work before, but the touch that doesn't work, so as dazmatic wrote, I probably won't work because I don't have a display module. I'm trying to make Windows (8.1 / 10), we have a problem with ACPI resulting from UEFI settings. I even know which variables to change, I gave it a lot of hours, but I'm still without good results. I do it for the first time, but I believe that it will happen to some of us
  13. Hi, I'm sorry I haven't heard from you for a long time, I'm very busy. 1. I use the UEFITool tool to explore UEFI and HxD for editing in Hexadecimal. 2. Your Pogo pin programmer is very useful. I also thought about something like that, but unfortunately I don't have the equipment and the time. 3. Your request is good, it would be useful if someone tried it. I've found everything like switching Windows / Android, HDMI / eDP / Auto (I needed it), and besides SecureBoot I found OS Indication, where you can switch to UEFI Setup from the system by command. Perhaps I will find time for the weekend and something will happen to me. Even so I am glad that I am not alone and that you are also interested in it
  14. Thank you. As I can see, my ROM is not kicked, but what I considered to be bugs are log records. I just don't understand why enchce it to HDMI, it's possible that it wants to turn off fastboot, or turn on the UEFI setup option to run after a system restart with a command. But it is too much for me, I do not have so much time to do it, hopefully I will get to it
  15. Can you please send me your original UEFI dump? It seems to me that mine is a little kicked. Thank you
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