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    Bootloader unlocking

    ACPI ... I expected that, but thank you, it's very good information for me. Unfortunately, I probably can't do anything about it, I'd love to run windows 10 there. I don't know how to try to break it up. If I could look at UEFI Setup, but I don't know how. By F2, F1, DEL, ESC, or a combination? Maybe it's just blocked, but when I look at the BIOS image, I don't see anything like that blocking it.
  2. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    bootia32.efi is for a 32-bit system, but this UEFI only booted 64-bit systems if I'm not mistaken. You need a 64-bit installation where bootx64.efi is located. I'd like to know what it writes when booting x64 windows, as I would love to run them there, but as we wrote, without a display I just guess what's going on in the background, only Ubuntu ran smoothly, even installed in eMMC works for me.
  3. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Unfortunately I couldn't get to UEFI, I don't know how and I don't have a display to see something, it doesn't work on HDMI, just after loading the drivers. But booting from a USB device can be without problems even without access to UEFI, so at least it did.
  4. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    You need to delete the memory before writing. You must also have a 1.8V voltage converter. Without it, the memory can be read, but it may not be quite right, but writing can cause problems. From my experience, after erasing the memory, it is necessary to wait a minute and then it is possible to write, I do not know if it is a blockage in CH341, but I did not immediately.
  5. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Yes, I use the CH341s programmer with a 1.8V converter. You can use UEFI from my first post, a clean android will run there without problems. If you can get Windows 10 up and running, I'll be very grateful to you, without a display I don't know what's going on there. I wish you good luck.
  6. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Hi, I do not have a copy of flash memory, because I could not create it, so I actually have, but only a few sections, the most important. Would you like to share them? It's almost 4GB, the system was working. I've already started Linux Ubuntu on it and runs smoothly, booting directly from internal flash memory. It really works, Secure Boot is off! I can't boot Windows (7, 8.1, 10 - x86 / x64), it actually boot, but then it crashes. I don't have a functional display, I don't see what's going on there and it only works on HDMI when loading a Linux-based OS, or after an iGPU driver. Even so, I am very happy for success, it was my first shutdown of SecureBoot. And I'm glad that someone has visited this thread PS: In the appendix, I attach a photo from SPI memory programming and Linux Ubuntu testing.
  7. Garsay

    Bootloader unlocking

    Hello, we found this thread. I got a Tesco Hudl 2 tablet with a broken screen that I do not even have. I wanted to try to replace the android, but secure boot did not allow me. I read eeprom programmer CH341 with 1.8V voltage converter. In UEFI I have modified 2 bits - secure boot and secure boot enforce. I did it for the first time, but I'm easy to orientate myself. Then UEFI flashnul back and the tablet works. In addition, the secure boot is turned off because it reads data from an external drive longer, but then the jam loads, I do not know what's going on, as I do not have the display and it does not show anything on HDMI before the graphics driver loads. I would like to have someone try it and in return send back photos of what it does and how it goes, what could I enter blindly? I also found the part where the key to Windows 8.1 is stored in UEFI and I also pulled the PK, KEK and DB certificates, which are included in the archive and we also managed them in hex. editor to do standard certificates in my own way. And we still have a little bit of time to break the start by blinking the ESC key, but it may be blocked, but UEFI is ready for it. TAB Tesco Hudl 2.7z

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