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    I have a chinchilla and a dog. I bought a dog 2 years ago. Complete pet care is my hobby. I always read forums, blogs, magazines about dogs and care for them. Did you know that the physical and psychological health of the dog depends on the upbringing, care and maintenance of the dog? You should always consult a veterinarian about the health of the dog. I often check the condition of the teeth, nails, dog's skin, etc. Recently, I changed the food to vary the nutrition of my pet. I can advise you https://allpetsexpert.com/best-dog-food-for-labs/ I also bought a chinchilla 3 months ago. Caring for her is different, but attention must be paid no less! I spent a lot of time choosing a cage . Main functions: chinchilla should be comfortable a lot of space variety of toys and sticks I looked chinchilla cage for sale and chose the best for my chinchilla.

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