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  1. Just received this reply from Tesco's Lewis Gorrie to an email I sent 13 March. I must say it sounds encouraging for the older Hudls, especially after all the "end of life" responses folk have been receiving of late. "I’ve just spoken to our support team about this, and I’m told that we are continuing to work on a solution which we hope will allow older Hudls to work again. I can’t give a timescale, but any fix will be posted on our product support website as soon as we have it. You will find this at www.tesco.com/productsupporttesco, following the yellow banner at the top of the page for the latest update on Hudls. Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Executive to the Board"
  2. Latest response I've received from Tesco tech support: "The official line is that we have made the decision to no longer support the Hudl range with updates. If the fix does not work (as in your case), I'm afraid that it's the end of the road for your Hudl"
  3. I had a play with Fiddler on my Hudl 1 and encountered the following error message (same as Huddlein) below I downloaded the CA certificate and added it to my certificate store with a pin number as directed but still get the 'Couldn't access internet' error during the Hudl boot process. The internet can be accessed freely using Chrome (I've visited a couple of random websites to confirm this), but not by the boot procedure it seems.
  4. I just came accross this in JLG4's post which is mightily disappointing. Which set me thinking: Imagine if Ford for example decided that your car had reached the end of it's life and then they disabled it remotely so you could no longer use it or sell it on.
  5. I haven't heard from Dave Lewis's customer service guy but I did get a response from Tesco Tech Support the following day, so credit to them for promptness. Dissappointingly the techies response I received was the standard 10 point Hudl start up instructions they are currently issuing which work for almost no one and didn't work for me either. Notably though instruction 2 says, "2. Following that, when it accesses Hudl Services which is back online, it will ask to Continue after the “Terms & Conditions” dialog box." I don't know what the web address is for the Hudl Services or what you'd find when you got there but maybe some internet savvy brainiac on the forum could make some use of this snippet of info. I've responded to Tech Support and asked them to keep trying, for what it's worth.
  6. I've emailed Tesco tech support telling them that I have the same problem as all the other people and do they have a solution yet. I've emailed Tesco CEO Dave Lewis with the same too but added that I believe Tesco have an obligation to resolve the issue, giving my reasons and citing the Sale of Goods Act, which I'm sure they're more familiar with than I am and can probably run rings round me with . . but we'll see. I'll let you know how things progress.
  7. My argument is that the tablet firmware, present at the time of sale, essentially has a bug that prevents the tablet completing the boot process if the server is unreachable. The 'bug' in the firmware is the omission of a 'do not update' option as a means of escape from the disabling 'Checking for updates - Couldn't check for updates' loop in the event of the server being unreachable. An unreachable server is a reasonably forseeable situation so should have been catered for.
  8. Apparently, under the acts, if the fault occurs after six months there is an obligation on the consumer to prove that the problem was down to a fault or issue at the manufacturer, as opposed to wear and tear or misuse. Hudl users can easily prove this. If you go to Tesco tech support at - https://techsupport.tesco.com/retailcustomer/hudl/hudl28-inch/index.html#l=trcust&lHsim=trcust&d=hudl/hudl2 8-inch&s=LCX_Root&loc=tescoretail Then in the 'Ask us anything about your product' search box type 'factory reset' you get some instructions with the following warning: "Please note: If you factory reset the device while the Hudl services are down, the device will stay on a loading screen until the services are back online." Here, Tesco themselves are saying there's an issue with the tablet that prevents it rebooting from a factory reset when their server is down. Presumably this is an issue with the firmware which is installed during the manufacturing stage. So It's their fault it's broken, not the consumers.
  9. Thanks Anna65. I'll email TechSupport (in the morning) with details of the problem. If I don't get a satisfactory response then I'll email Dave Lewis/Lewis Gorrie reminding them of their obligations under the Sale of Goods Act for what it's worth.
  10. Hi Anna. I'm having the same issue with two factory reset Hudl 1's. Could you let me have tech support's email please as I'd like to throw my hat in the ring too. I'm sure every additional complainant adds weight to the campaign for Tesco to come up with a solution. And who is Lewis Gorrie?
  11. Hi All. I've jumped on this bandwagon as I'm having the same problem. I have a Hudl 1 which I did a factory reset on and am now stuck in the "Checking for updates - Couldn't check for updates" loop because, as I understand it, it can't contact the relevant Tesco server which appears to be disabled. I've started the ball rolling with Tesco by reporting the problem via their twitter site https://twitter.com/tescomobile. I believe that Tesco have a duty to resolve the problem as consumers have a right under the Sale of Goods Act to be supplied with goods that are fit for purpose (clearly my Hudl is not fit for its everyday purpose at present) and they have that right for up to 6 years from the purchase date. It's my view that if the supplier renders the goods inoperative by their actions within that time then they are obliged to supply a repair solution or a refund. I intend to put this to them, although as a little guy against a big corporation I expect to get fobbed off, but who knows.
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