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  1. Try out 2 Player Boss Fight, rating 4.5+! New update came out, upgraded UI, 2 new Special SHIPS! Hardmode will not spawn bonus heart anymore. To get 4 other ships, enter this redeem code in game : "welcome" ! (Google Store) Fight various bosses with different ship with your friend! Achieve Victory together! I am a solo Game Designer student, who makes free, mostly android games. I am very passionate about making games people can enjoy, and that, makes me happy aswell. Any feedback helps me a lot, I want to improve, to make greater games! And I would be very thankful in case of any rating in store also!^^ I have other games such as: ¤ Fishy Evolution (Eat fishes to grow, but avoid danger) (Google Store) ¤ 2 Player Pew Pew (Push out your friend of the map to gain a score, best of 9 wins!) Redeem code: "welcome" (4 new ships) (Google Store) Thank you for your attention! ^^
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