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  1. Excellent news, I see Tesco have now changed the response of their servers to return the Null identified by ChrisEvilGenius as a suitable response and which my earlier instructions were based around. Assuming they are going to maintain this position going forward it looks all is well in the land of Hudl (excepting Tesco no longer providing updates which is not a disaster albeit disappointing that there was no notice) When I got my Hudl working it took a play store update before it started functioning properly so bear with it, if it doesn't sort itself out I suggest clearing all the data associated with Google Play Services and Google Play Store in the Hudl Settings menu under Apps. (Needless to say I haven't heard anything back from Tesco in response to my technical email...)
  2. I've emailed Tesco yesterday to suggest the minor change they need to make to their server to make my instructions redundant and ask the reason why they aren't doing it! I've had a response from the front line staff to say it has been passed to the support team so you never know... It all hinges around that one response from the Tesco server that the rest of the instructions are simply enabling us to intercept and change, if we can persuade them to change it at their end then all is well. Back up the thread on the 8th Feb @chrisevilgenius had success for the Hudl 2 using essentially the same method (different implementation) so I think if we can persuade Tesco to make the change to their webserver Then all will be well, Tesco will actually be in their stated position that they are no longer supplying updates but now in the position that their server is effectively saying "no updates available" rather than replying with something that causes older Hudls to get confused and stop. Whether that null is really handled in the software or just causes the code to continue is really neither here nor there just as long as the code continues and lets the setup complete! Will let you know if I get a real reply from Tesco.
  3. Glad the notes make some sort of sense, attached is the response file I saved which includes the manual edit, it might work universally but I'm not sure hence writing the instructions to capture and edit your own. 644_Response.txt
  4. Note: due to Tesco making the change on their server today 21st March it appears these instructions are no longer required. Right with many thanks to ChrisEvilGenius and Sarkie and others. These were written for a Hudl1 I don't know if a variant may work for Hudl2s abandoned by Tesco but it might well. First install the Fiddler software on another machine (probably Windows though it looks like it could be Mac or Linux) https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler In Fiddler Tools - Options - Connections Tick Allow remote computers to connect. Also under HTTPS tab tick Decrypt HTTPS traffic. You will get a popup about Windows trusting this certificate, click No (You don't need it locally as you aren't interested in traffic from the machine fiddler is installed on.) Now go and hover over the Online in the top right of the Fiddler window and take note of the IP address given there (there will probably be an IPV6 address with letters in and below the IPV4 you want, looks something like though almost certainly different numbers) Now to the Hudl, holding volume up and power on gets you to a menu for a fresh reset. Restart the Hudl. On the Hello screen click start. On Select Wi-Fi, do not connect. Tap Other network then on the keyboard hold the microphone to get to settings. Tap Google Keyboard Settings. Scroll to the bottom to About Google Keyboard, Tap Open-source licences. Press and hold to select some text, then from the top menu that appears, tap Web Search. Now in the search start typing Settings and you should be given a Settings result. Tap it (not Google Settings)to open the Hudl settings. Scroll down to Users and then Add User (top right). Ok to add new user. Then Set up now. Drag the padlock to unlock. At Hello click the grey triangle to continue Unset the google & location settings and continue No, thanks to set up google No to a Tesco account Skip Register with Tesco Now at Problem Connecting tap check Wi-Fi This time connect to your Wi-Fi (Whilst writing these notes I went round the last couple of steps twice but then it jumped to Updating Apps as it had previously, keep tapping Check Wi-Fi and it should get there). At Updating apps tap Not now All Done, tap finish No thanks to Child advice OK to a couple of demo screens You now have a working user BUT don't stop here! Turn the Hudl off and back on When at the lock screen tap the Owner coloured blob (it might already be selected) and unlock Tap Start at the Hello screen At the Wi-Fi settings tap your connection and Forget Connect again BUT this time after entering your pass key do not tap Connect but Show Advanced Options (you might need to scroll down to see it) and set Proxy settings: Manual Proxy hostname: the ip address from fiddler Proxy port: 8888 then Connect. (Traffic should now probably start to appear in Fiddler, nothing of interest yet) The install will proceed but fail with a Check Wi-Fi prompt, OK Now Tap Other Network Hold Microphone as before and Google Keyboard Settings, scroll down to About Google Keyboard but this time tap Privacy Policy. Chrome will load and ask you to sign in, tap No,thanks There may be web errors showing, ignore them and type ipv4.fiddler:8888 into the address. (If the network has disconnected, it did once for me, drag down from the top right to get to the settings and reconnect) You should get a Fiddler Echo Service page, at the bottom tap on the download the FiddlerRoot Certificate link Give the certificate a name, you'll be removing it later, then tap OK. Tap OK to the warning about a lock screen PIN, again you can remove it later if required. Set a lock screen PIN/Pattern/Password (pattern is easiest) Now back in Chrome you'll have an app select softbutton at the bottom right, swipe to close all the apps. Back in google settings press the back soft button will get you back to the beginning. Now in Wi-Fi setup tap your connection and forget then tap and connect again but without the proxy settings, just your pass key. (I'm not entirely sure which bit objects to being tunnelled through Fiddler and given we can work round it didn't bother digging too hard to find out). Continue accepting the terms and conditions Untick the Google & Location options and tap the grey triangle to continue. No thanks to set up Google No to Tesco Account Skip (bottom left) to Register with Tesco Now you are at the Couldn't Check for Updates that you are likely familiar with and couldn't get out of, only this time you can swipe down from the top right and get at the Wi-Fi settings. Now tap your connection and Forget Connect again BUT this time after entering your pass key do not tap Connect but Show Advanced Options (you might need to scroll down to see it) and set the proxy again Proxy settings: Manual Proxy hostname: the ip address from fiddler Proxy port: 8888 then Connect. Tap back and Hudl will be checking for updates again and failing but this time you'll have a line appeared in Fiddler to the host device.mobile.tesco.com with a URL similar to /ota/20140424... Now the clever bit In Fiddler go to the menu Rules - Automatic Breakpoints and set After Responses (or Alt+F11) Tap try again on Hudl. Now the new line will be the same as before but with a red icon next to it Select the new entry and go to Inspectors on the right hand side, select Raw in the bottom half of the screen and delete much of the last line of the response there editing it from {"status":"OK","update":{"currentAndroidVersion............. to {"status":"OK","update":null} Click the green Run to completion button Now go and right click on that entry in the listing and select Save - Response - Entire Response Save it somewhere! Now click on Autoresponder on the right hand side again Click Add Rule then right at the very bottom Click the drop down "Local file to return or Action to execute" Select find a file and find the file you saved just before. Ensure Enable Rules and Unmatched requests passthrough are ticked. Lastly go to Rules - Automatic Breakpoints and set it to Disabled. Now tap Try again on Hudl.... Magic.... At Updating apps tap Not now All Done as the Hudl says Tap through the intro and then tidy up. In Wifi settings forget the settings for your network and put them in again without the proxy. In Settings - Security - Clear Credentials (or go to Trusted credentials and remove the Fiddler certificate only but then you have to keep the lock). Then you can remove the screen lock at the top of the security settings. In User tap the dustbin next to the New user you created and Delete, One working Hudl. You can now uninstall Fiddler from whichever machine you were using to proxy unless you have a taste for it!
  5. Might have had some progress with Fiddler and my Hudl1, shout up if I've missed something, I've only just installed Fiddler so am still working my way around. Hudl apparently gets a response, not sure why it doesn't like it... [see edit below] GET https://device.mobile.tesco.com/ota/20140424.153851 HTTP/1.1 X-DeviceID: 097FA1404221356B9995CAEE815D9BFE X-FirstJourney: true Host: device.mobile.tesco.com Connection: Keep-Alive User-Agent: Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.2.2; hudl ht7s3 Build/JDQ39) HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Length: 304 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Server: Microsoft-IIS/10.0 Request-Context: appId=cid-v1:0e4682b9-4818-4748-8361-593e054eb1e8 Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=2592000 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET Set-Cookie: ARRAffinity=af77d5f12d0680a0d1261e16e3ab9799abc44f688624e43b5c9b2c486cb4823a;Path=/;HttpOnly;Domain=device.mobile.tesco.com Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 21:16:45 GMT {"status":"OK","update":{"currentAndroidVersion":"4.4","description":"Huld web service call","html_description":"<b>Huld web service call</b>","mandatory":true,"name":"huldv3","file_size":null,"terms":"Tesco Policies","datetime_released":"18-02-2019 10:10:10","file_md5":null,"url":null,"version":"1.7"}} Edit: Ah now I realise what it doesn't like about that reply so spoofing {"status":"OK","update":null} instead gets me away for the Hudl 1 as well. I am now even more disgusted at Tesco, it seems that all they need to do is set that as the response for any version they no longer wish to "support with updates" (not that they have been doing for years). Trivial cost. I'll have a go at resetting Hudl again tomorrow and document my exact steps.
  6. Regards Tesco's approach to sale of goods act, I have had that conversation with the tech support and was told that emailing details and proof of purchase to [email protected] would result in them considering it but given the price and the length of time it had been in use I was advised not to expect them to consider much if any residual value. I get their point but it misses the fact that the hardware is perfectly functional, it is their deliberate act that has resulted in the failure not some component wearing out. I rather hope for more success in emailing chief exec and pointing out that up to now I'd considered Tesco a reasonably trustworthy company to do business with, but given the current saga, no longer if what I have been told by support is true... I nearly bought a smartphone from them the day before I reset my Hudl, it seems that might have been a lucky escape!
  7. Thanks all for the information in this thread. My contribution is to report that I've just come off the phone from Tesco Tech having received the "instructions" email that didn't work to be told that "sorry we don't support Hudl1 any more, tough". I asked for that in writing and was sent an email that stated "we are no longer able to support the Hudl 1 with updates as it has reached the end of it's life." which is subtly different to the factory reset issue. I've asked for clarification and they are supposed to be getting back to me to confirm their position.
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