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  1. I have been following other peoples' progress with interest as I have a Hudl 1. Ironically I had sold it on eBay, but of course the last thing I did was a factory reset! So the buyer couldn't connect it and wanted a refund, so I am now minus £7 for the postage costs. I emailed Tesco tech support yesterday, asking them for a partial refund of the Hudl, made up of the price I sold it for plus the postage. The response was a resounding no, with the following information. Of particular note is the statement that the Hudl 1 has "reached the end of its life", followed by instructions that "we know only works on Hudl 2". Has anyone gone to the national press about this issue yet? Telling everyone with a Hudl 1 that they have a defunct tablet is hardly customer-friendly (nor environmentally-friendly). And has Tesco put out a warning to the public not to perform a factory reset on any Hudls that are still working?

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