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  1. Hi Anna65, Check back on my post, I have updated the link.
  2. Hi all, but especially Anna65, Unfortunately, I don't have the copy of the Guardian myself, I read it in the local library. I did find a link, however : https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-guardian/20190323/282759178011254. Check it out.
  3. Hi Guys, You may be interested to know that The Guardian (Saturday, page 55), has printed a story about this Hudl saga. Well done to the person who contacted them!
  4. Hi Everybody, Can I just add my good news too, that my Hudl 1 is now up and running normally. I did have a problem signing in to my Google account, however, at least initially, but I think that was because I seemed to be unable to get a Wi-Fi connection with any device for some, probably unrelated reason. So, can I give a big thank you to each and every one of you, because if I had not discovered this forum I'm sure I would have just thrown my Hudl into a corner somewhere and probably never used it again. Indeed, I wonder how many people may have actually done just that!
  5. Hi Guys, Can I just say that what @BellAlistair has done here is really quite extraordinary. I take my hat off to you, even though I have to be honest and say that it is way above my head. Can I, however, ask a simple question? Would it be possible to now approach the tech guys at Tesco with details of this process, so that they can be shamed into resolving the problem for all of us? Or am I being too simplistic here? Anybody?
  6. Hi BuddyB, Thanks for getting back to me. No, I am afraid I am unable to pull down the notification bar in the top corner. The only menus I seem to have access to are the Google one's. This makes shifting between applications very difficult. Also, I have not been able to download any apps from the play store, such as another launcher and start-up manager. They are seemingly just stuck at pending installation and never actually download. At least I do have some function from it now, however, being able to access the play books, keep notes and camera, but the bizarre means of shifting between them is very frustrating. Still, the good thing is that at least my Hudl is now no longer a brick!
  7. Hi BuddyB, I've just joined the community as I am also having difficulty with my Hudl 1, after resetting it to factory settings. I have been very interested to read some of the posts on this site, and have tried some of the suggestions to overcome the problems. I can access my Google account via the method you suggest, but don't seem to have the option to add a new user to my Hudl. The only settings I can access are for Google and not the Hudl device itself. How are you accessing the Hudl settings? The best I have been able to achieve is accessing Google play store, my apps, opening those apps from there, including play books and Keep notes, the latter enabling me to access use of my camera from it's menu. I am also able to open and view my books even when offline, but only after accessing the play store via the back door method through the Google keyboard settings. It's very frustrating, I'm stuck in the dreaded Wi-Fi/internet loop when I switch the device on and can only access the 'add network' on the Wi-Fi page by turning off my router, which I believe many others are experiencing as well. I have also emailed Tesco and received, initially a quite supportive response, but when phoning them when their suggestions failed to resolve the issue, I was advised that there was no more they could do.
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