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  1. Although it would be nice to think Tesco were in 'supportive mode' again, I suspect they won't go out of their way to help with follow-up problems. Higher management will have placed strict limits on available resource, so I would predict any assistance would be slow and patchy. It would be really great to free our HUDLs from Tesco's clutches completely - although I'm no expert on the inner workings of Android, I'm sure there must be a way of amending the bootup process post-reset such that it bypasses the commands pointing at Tesco's servers. Now that we have full access to our tablets again (for now, anyway), I wonder if our local experts have any ideas on how to do this.... Given the longevity of these tablets and their continued popularity, it's quite likely we might be in a position in a couple of years time whereby Tesco pull server support again and we go back to square one. Nice to have a get-out clause in case that happens so we can avoid a repeat of all that angst....
  2. One word of caution, though - do we really trust Tesco enough to assume this is a permanent fix ? I'd like to think it is, but given their recent performance, I think we could be forgiven for taking a 'wait and see' approach. I'd also like to add my thanks for everyone's efforts in challenging Tesco sufficiently to make them think again....perhaps we should volunteer our services to help HMGov sort themselves out as our next project...
  3. Progress at last - a nice demonstration of the power of social media.....well done to everyone who contributed. The only questions now are a) whether Tesco's mods will allow all affected HUDLs to be setup correctly...and b) when they are likely to switch their servers off/withdraw support again.....suggest we get the message out to as many folks with factory-reset machines as possible - just in case this is sooner rather than later. FYI, I can report another successful setup - HUDL1 details are v4.2.2; Kernel 3.0.36+; Build JDQ39.20140424.153851
  4. It will certainly be interesting to see what Tesco IT's reply To BelAstair's message is....it could be quite revealing. My guess is that they've gone for the 'end of useful life' approach not because they can't generate a solution, but because they've been told by higher management that it isn't acceptable to generate one that commits Tesco to any further support resource in future. I feel sure that's the real sticking point.... If I'm right, they might well be open a compromise in providing a solution that permanently removes any future support commitment. In practice, given that most users won't be capable of the ingenious solutions we've already seen on this forum, this would probably mean their providing an update which removes the requirement to go through Tesco's servers during setup. Provided they issued the necessary instructions for this, and warned everyone with affected HUDLs to run it within a reasonable timeframe, they could then withdraw server support. It would also get them out of a potentially nasty reputational backlash if the broadcast media do start to take an interest. The debacle of the accounting scandal is still relatively fresh in peoples' minds, and they won't want this dredged up again. Let's hope reason prevails...
  5. Great to see we're looking at involving the media - I'm convinced that the only way to shift Tesco from their morally unacceptable stance is to make Consumer Relations feel the pain of the consequences of their actions. If enough noise is made, they may yet relent and put some more time and effort into finding a solution. I'm convinced there is one, since logically all that should be necessary is for the server to bypass the step which is causing the block and allow Android 4.2 to set itself up normally. There may be a lot of truth in the theory that the current Tesco IT complement simply aren't capable of solving the problem without help, although I suspect directives from 'on high' may have limited the amount of time they're allowed to spend on it. I'll certainly add my voice to the media representations - looking at Baldi80's list, it might be worth adding a contact email for Channel 4's Dispatches - they have quite a following and would probably reach a wider audience if they could be persuaded to include a piece on the HUDL. FYI, Tesco definitely have 'form' for this type of behaviour, as I can testify from personal experience. Some years back they offered a digital set top TV box with a great flourish as one of the first to give online access to the TV players then available (Technika STBHDIS2010; Channel Zero). I bought one and used it for ca 6 months, after which time the internet connectivity went dead. This turned out to be due to the 3rd party Tesco had partnered with withdrawing from the arrangement and shutting down their servers (sounds familiar, doesn't it ?). When I approached Tesco for help and / or a refund I was told that the Internet shutdown was 'nothing to do with them' and 'a refund would not be appropriate since the box was still functional'. This even when the box was still under its statutory 12 months guarantee.... Keep at 'em, I say....
  6. Hi All, Firstly, many thanks for your collective efforts on trying to solve this problem. It says a lot that a group of determined amateurs can achieve what the combined ‘might’ of Tesco’s IT department cannot (or will not)…. Thought I’d add a brief report of my experiences for what they’re worth. I acquired a second hand HUDL1 some weeks ago and joined the ‘fray’ by sending an email to Dave Lewis after I realised Tesco had switched off their servers. I’ve so far only had one effective reply from Lewis Gorrie, providing me with the standard set of instructions that so far appear only to work for a handful of HUDL2s. Needless to say, I got stuck at the 'searching for updates stage. Having followed your forum closely throughout, I decided to try the approach suggested by Bill_Door on Tues 12.3 at 0712 using a second user account (you guys certainly start early !). This did actually work when combined with BuddyB’s modification sent on the same day at 0946. The HUDL 1 now functions using a second user account, and I’ve managed to install a selection of new apps, most of which seem to work OK. A definite improvement on the original ‘expensive paperwieght’ syndrome. There is one operational problem which I would like to sort out, though: When the tablet starts up, wifi is automatically engaged. Although it is possible to switch it off (either via Settings or the Power control widget) it persists in switching itself back on whenever a new app is started. My questions are: a) Has anyone else encountered this with a resuscitated HUDL1 ? and b) If so, have you found any way to switch off wifi such that it stays off ? I suspect it may be due to the fact that the principal user account is still awaiting setup and forces the system to keep wifi on in order to do this. Although the problem isn’t exactly ‘terminal’, and the HUDL is perfectly usable, it does mean in practice that it can only really be used with the charger permanently plugged in, due to the relatively high current use from wifi and screen combined. Also,since the charge rate isn’t high enough to replenish the current drain, eventually the battery will run down and trigger a shutdown if you haven’t already switched off. Hope this is useful –let me know if you have a solution. Postscript 23/3/19: Have just solved this issue - the culprit was one of the installed system management apps (KF Software House's Settings App). Not aware of having downloaded it myself, but it was set to Auto, and when I switched this functionality off manually, the wifi stayed off. Have since deleted the app in case it decided to reactivate itself.... Viv
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