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  1. I rang their head office about 10 days ago and told them I would take legal advice on compensation for my 2 hudl 2,s.. It was a week later they both miraculously connected... Also told them about this forum... People power wins the day
  2. Good news guy and gals after having a blazing row with head office it seems something has been done and both my hudl"s are now working perfect... Let me know how you get on.. Very happy now.. Dave.
  3. Sorry to say this but everyone who has a hudl will be told its end of life and tesco will not do anything.. I have contacted BBC watchdog and am waiting a reply but tesco will NOT be held responsible to its customers for this disgusting betrayal they have left us with (I have 2 hudl 2"s) I for one will never buy from them again
  4. I have just come off the phone with tesco about my 2 hudl 2"s that won't connect and have been told its not their problem and they won't do anything about it and it's tough luck go buy a new one... Now both these tablets were working fine before hand and I've had them 2 years from new but sorry to say they don't want to know and say its not there software update so that's it!!!!!! Anyone want a couple of expensive bookends... Dave
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