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  1. Does anyone on here have any contacts or connection to Open Reply IT who I believe were the company that worked for Tesco ??? The answer to most of our problems may be with them if Tesco would consent to release Tesco chose Open Reply as a strategic development partner to work on a number of areas: To customise Hudl’s Android Operating System and adapt it to work on the tablet and deliver the brand message Create the ‘Over The Air’ update distribution system Create the ‘Getting Started App’ which covers everything for the new user from hardware to software and how to customise internet safety settings
  2. I set up a new acct and all seems to work Bar code scanner and spotify installed and google updated all its bloat
  3. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and a long period of inactivity I today tried again HUDL HT753 android 4.2.2 has let me in and appears to be operational I replaced the screen just after New Year and did the reset and hit the barrier. Tesco help gave the usual we are working but never heard any more Yesterday I found this thread and today I thought lets try the solution Fired up and it accepted the previously entered wifi network and proceeded to update apps So now Everything appears to work and I have a home screen with live wallpaper I now need to know what I should be testing to verify it is fully working
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