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  1. Quite possibly, I see you were using SSD attached to USB? I tried that and the device wouldn't boot as it couldn't provide the power. Do you get nothing from the otg cable? Or voltage from the battery? I've been using a powered USB hub so have probably been fortunate but it shouldn't just short out as the pmic is designed to protect.
  2. Yeah, sorted it now. Installed windows 10 to the hudls EMMC. Just trying to get devices installed.
  3. I just wish I had a working android system image with the correct bios. Don't seem to be able to get windows 10 to run. It installs the files but doesn't boot. What version of windows 10 you use?
  4. Excellent, thanks! It'll be interesting. I have a working 4.4.2 android disk image but no 4.4.2 bios to match it and this bios was pulled from a much much older 4.4.2 android so I'm hoping I can do something with it.
  5. Any chance you could take a look at the attached bios and see if you can disable secure boot in that? 32bit.zip
  6. By the way, which bit/variable did you flip to disable secure boot?
  7. By the way, attached is the bootable x64 efi file that you can use you change the variables without needing to flash the spi flash every time. Put that in a folder called EFI/boot on a USB drive and you get a Grub screen. type "setup_var" and the variable you want to change followed by the value, so "setup_var 0x12b 0x1" changes the ISP PCI to windows. bootx64.efi
  8. Yeah, it's the PCI ISP to windows setting and OS selection option to windows that makes windows 10 bootable. That being said, It cannot see the emmc drive so cannot install?
  9. That's awesome! Looks like a driver perhaps might sort out the BT and wifi? I'm going to try it with mine later. I've still got 2 tablets here that I need to sort out. I'd really like android booting on one and windows would be great on another.
  10. What's the variable and what does it need to be set to, usually 0x1 or 0x0. Not been able to check but can change from EFI
  11. There's 1 variable I'd like to change, it's a PCI setting that's currently set for Linux boot which of course android and Ubuntu is. It can be changed to a Windows boot which I feel might work. Being able to change from the uefi bootloader though is brill as it means no more dodgy flashing connections.
  12. So it turns out that needing to solder/reprogram the bios each team isn't needed. Been speaking over at the win-raid forums and was made aware it's possible to change the bios variables from a special EFI grub https://www.win-raid.com/t4638f16-Request-UEFI-Bios-mod-request-to-unlock-menu-s-for-tablet-bios-Hudl.html So far I've managed to disable the fast boot and enabled text mode but still can't get into the bios menu.
  13. DIY Pogo pin programmer clip. Handy having a laser engraver!
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