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  1. Hi. Thanks for your response. It's EMUI 4.0, Android 6.0 (I should have mentioned that); .cache, .themecache or any other dotted files are missing in /data/media/0 . In fact, the entire hwthemes folder is missing, the only one I have is on external sd card, where downloaded themes went (they don't work - should I move them to internal_sd?). The mentioned app is incompatible. Besides, I'd rather not use an app for that. I've got stock zip. How would you go about extracting themes from it? Edit: Extracting .img files with ext4_unpacker fails with "unknown data format". I'll address it when I have time, but it's not a priority since everything else works fine.
  2. Hi. When rooting Huawei Mate 8 I had to use "format data" option to remove encryption (it wouldn't take my PIN). Then I flashed magisk and when I rebooted back to system, I found out that there's only 1 basic theme available, HWthemes folder empty, downloaded themes not working (despite "theme applied" notification, not even after reboot). My goldmagazine theme is gone, and the setting "Homescreen style" shows a placeholder drawing where normally my theme picture would show. Does anybody have experience with this sort of special effect? What am I supposed to do to bring my themes back?
  3. Hello everyone. I need some guidance to avoid doing something irreversible. I had to resort to flashing twrp via SRKtools because all of the official versions for this model failed to work (stuck at 'bootloader unlocked' warning). Is this because they are all for EMUI>=4.1 while mine is 4.0? And why exactly does it matter? I would expect twrp to list compatible emui version(s) if it is so crucial. The srk one worked but asked for decryption password which I don't have. I want to flash magisk. Now, I read somewhere that I should deactivate dm-verity first, for example by flashing no-verity-opt-encrypt zip, also read flashing magisk takes care of it. Would it be a good idea to wipe-format /data, reboot to twrp, flash magisk and reboot to system? What can go wrong? Please shed some insight.
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