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  1. Hi all. I am in Australia and a nube at this stuff, but want to learn a bit more about re-flashing ZTE Blade L3's. I need them for a WiFi remote project. My problem is that I have "played" with some of them and now find that they do not boot, although a couple try to start Android but only reach the next step after logging to my router. I saw on this site that there were posts on 5 different ways to complete a flash, but I can't find them again. I tried following the tute, but found no success. I try to download ADB, CDC, MTK... My problem is that they seem to install, but in my devices menu, I have the dreaded triangle and exclamation mark and my pc (Win7 and Win10) do not see the phone. I have what appears to be a good working copy of Media Tek SP Flash Tool v5.1644.00 but it appears to not regognise anything due to driver issues. Am I doing something wrong or just looking in the wrong place? This is getting so frustrating and time consuming that I am ready to bundle up these 5 phones and bin them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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