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  1. Have you thought of WiFi out of the phone through an app, to an ESP32 that's hard wired to SSR? If you want to find out more about ESP, Rui Santos/Random Nerd Tutorials. Rui also has some pretty good e-books.
  2. Hi all. I am in Australia and a nube at this stuff, but want to learn a bit more about re-flashing ZTE Blade L3's. I need them for a WiFi remote project. My problem is that I have "played" with some of them and now find that they do not boot, although a couple try to start Android but only reach the next step after logging to my router. I saw on this site that there were posts on 5 different ways to complete a flash, but I can't find them again. I tried following the tute, but found no success. I try to download ADB, CDC, MTK... My problem is that they seem to install, but in my devices menu, I have the dreaded triangle and exclamation mark and my pc (Win7 and Win10) do not see the phone. I have what appears to be a good working copy of Media Tek SP Flash Tool v5.1644.00 but it appears to not regognise anything due to driver issues. Am I doing something wrong or just looking in the wrong place? This is getting so frustrating and time consuming that I am ready to bundle up these 5 phones and bin them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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