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  1. How To Setup Kiosk Mode for Windows 10

    Learn how to configure kiosk mode in Windows 10 devices in simple steps Configure Windows 10 devices in single app kiosk mode using Scalefusion MDM


  2. Lockdown Your Devices in Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion Kiosk Software

    Deploy, monitor, secure & manage Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices with an industry-ready kiosk software to derive improved efficiency & heightened employee productivity.

    iOS Kiosk Browser for iPad & iPhone

    ProSurf Kiosk Browser is a secure browser for iOS that locks down your iPad & iPhone into an interactive kiosk by allowing access to only specific websites. You can run ProSurf Kiosk Browser in Kiosk Mode and turn your iPads into a public kiosk.

    Scalefusion Windows 10 Kiosk Mode can be easily configured on Windows 10 desktops, laptops and POS systems, to seamlessly limit user experience and activities to a single app

    Scalefusion offers the flexibility to manage, administer, monitor and audit the company-owned Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 MDM features and capabilities help you secure company data, ensuring business productivity, faster outcomes, and employee efficiency.

  3. Android Mobile Device Management

    Scalefusion for Android MDM helps you to manage, control, and secure company-owned and BYOD devices. It allows you to distribute apps and contents across a wide range of mobile devices from the cloud.

  4. Nuovo Pay is on a mission to build the technology platform that will enable people across the world to have easy access to consumer finance & hardware such as smartphones.

  5. iPad Kiosk Mode - Lockdown iPads & iPhones to Business Apps
    Lockdown your iPhone or iPad into a kiosk mode to run only a single app or multiple apps on your iOS devices. Configure an application to run on iPad or iPhone & turn it into an iOS kiosk app with Scalefusion

  6. Rugged Device Management

    Equip your rugged devices with business apps & content, automate security checks & remotely troubleshoot device issues to deliver high performance even in harsh environments.

  7. Samsung Device Management with Scalefusion MDM


    Empower enterprise mobility by leveraging Samsung Knox and ensure seamless device deployment with advance security, taking device management to next level.

    Embrace Device Security with Samsung Knox Management

    Leverage Knox platform that allows IT admins to manage devices remotely from a cloud
    based console, provision enrollment of devices in bulk, configure apps, websites & content remotely.


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