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  1. I think the default one in android is the best
  2. Yes but if use a VPN my whole Data will be encrypted as said by this https://www.purevpn.com/blog/mobile-vpn/. Then how google can track my activity?
  3. Google and facebook tracks everything. They track every users minor and major activity and target ads etc. So I want to know that how can i get rid of them?
  4. Yes all dual sim phones have support.
  5. Reset your phone It is common in android
  6. I have been to Turkey and I think it is the best one the country is beautiful and a must visit place.
  7. It might be a problem of hosting provider.
  8. The one that gets sticked to the glass is the best.
  9. WPS office Whatsapp Facebook Insta Candy camera food panda Uber careem VPN
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