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  1. Thanks, I emailed the peeps at Tesco on the emails provided when I first posted, had a few auto responses saying they were busy and would be reviewed, but appears some have had a response that they are looking into this issue, which is good news. Hopefully just spinning up a server and updating the certificates should do the job, I hadn't used the Hudl2 in a while and was just resetting it to put a new account on for my son, I will update to Lollypop when it comes back.
  2. Just done a factory reset on my Hudl 2 as it was very slow, now at the Start of setup I cannot connect to Wifi, even though the Hudl 2 lists it, I enter password and it just says 'Couldn't access internet', so after some searching I found this forum, it looks like there was a fix last year for this, but has this stopped working now? Thanks.
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