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  1. darrellr

    Android 4.4.4

    This actually didn't boot but I spotted my error, recompiled and now have tested a working version. See the Custom kernel thread
  2. I've created a mildly overclocked kernel for testing (1.7GHz & 667 MHz DDR). Antutu 5.7 rates it at 25,015 I've posted it on my 'home' forum and will carry on there.
  3. I downloaded the official kernel source (Jelly Bean) and compiled (with no changes). I've ripped the boot.img from the official 1.31 posted on here and swapped my kernel for the original. The result is an absolutely stock kernel but compiled from sources on my laptop. So what? Well now I can overclock the kernel, tweak for extra features or add in non-standard drivers. Next steps - re-engineer the sources to kitkat? Well maybe, but my son won't let me use his Hudl!!! If you want to test it, then flash just boot.img at offset 0x00008000 using finless flash tool 1.37 hudl_1.31_boot.zip
  4. darrellr

    Android 4.4.4

    I don't have access to one currently. I was looking for info on another Archos OEM and was surprised to see that no one had bothered to build KitKat for the Hudl
  5. darrellr

    Android 4.4.4

    All seems to be there to build Jelly Bean kernel. If anyone wants to test they'll need to flash with an 'empty' boot.img too. Wifi is BCM4334 Screen driver is MIPI via sd2828 and is called qc880. (The defconfig in the root is slightly different to the defconfig in the configs directory which uses the Aou A070PAN01 lcd driver) Camera drivers are MT9T113 (3mp, ov3640 compatible?) and BF3720 (1600x1200) . It compiles fine and I've attached kernel_hudl_jb_defconfig.zip
  6. darrellr

    Android 4.4.4

    Actually I see that Tesco posted the jelly bean source for the kernel some time ago. I'll download and take a look.
  7. darrellr

    Android 4.4.4

    The only thing I think that is needed is the video driver, although I seem to remember the Hudl has a really odd wifi chip. My repo on git hub (dee-UK) has all the kit kat kernel SDK required for 4.4.2 tablets. I'm promised an SDK for 4.4.4 next week
  8. Flashed this via Windows and all seems well. Thanks for the effort. AnTuTu shows an increase of 500 points from previous run on the original ROM. Original: 18500 1.3 Stock: 19000
  9. darrellr

    Sound levels

    Sound too low, brightness too high. I fixed the sound with an app called Viper but can't find anything to dial down the brightness. However since we have the source code we can try and build a kernel with low brightness
  10. Good to know. What band/protocol are you using and what make/model router are you using. It may help us to pinpoint this. My routers are: Netgear DGND4000 2.4/5 GHz using wpa2/aes and a Linksys E3000 running DD-WRT 2.4/5 GHz using wpa2/aes I've just ordered a R6250 router and will see what difference this makes.
  11. I use the Viper audio booster app to sort out the low volume
  12. Same issue here. Wifi disconnected on waking up 9 times out of 10
  13. Not too sure there's any point, there's nothing we don't already know at this point that is important as far as I can see. We know the processor (RK3188), we know the wifi chipset (BCM4334 based), we know it has Hynix 29xxxx nand flash and we know the I suppose if we got to see the actual RAM and got the kernel sources we could play with DRAM clock speeds but I doubt we'll get the source!
  14. darrellr

    Wireless Speed

    If you are only getting 65mhz this suggests your router is restricted to a 20mhz channel. Since your laptop can manage 130 mbps your router can provide more than one stream @ 20MHZ. The chipset in the Hudl (and coincidentally the S3) is the BCM4334 which is capable of 150 MHz on a single stream if your router can provide 40mhz channels. NB. If you do manage to set 40 MHz channels your laptop should then negotiate 270/300 mbps.
  15. I've currently got an Orange M3100 (work) and a HTC MtEOR (private). The MtEOR has been temperamental ever since I bought it but it has been invaluable as a part-time web connection (using HSDPA) for my laptop when away from home. I'm coming to the end of my contract with T-M0bile and thought I'd ask on this forum for advice/guidance on what to replace my smartphone with. Basically I like the 'candy bar' style and this seems to have fallen out of favour with HTC. "Must Have": HSDPA, simple modem operation for laptop, thin form factor, NOT clamshell, at least 320x240 screen, decent built-in browser, push email. "Nice to have": Windows Mobile 6 Standard, decent camera, good headphones (NOT those HTC ones!) "Not bothered": Wifi, ringtones, popular model. Also I'm assuming that T-Mobile's 7.50 Web 'n' Walk is still the only cheap, unlimited data tariff.
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