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  1. Device Name MDA Compact V (Touch Diamond 2) Operating System Version Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type Default ROM
  2. It did that to me a couple of times. Installed now, Touch-Flo looks very similar ie not Sense UI. T-Mob have re-enabled the programs tab though.
  3. MDA Vario II here, and use VNC daily - would love to help!
  4. Hiya. I'm in the process of migrating to Linux at work and wondered if anyone had any experience of getting Evolution to sync with the Hermes (or the Universal for that matter)... I've tried a lot of the multisync/SynCE stuff from the web with no joy... Linux distro is Ubuntu Edgy (6.10)... Cheers, Stu
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a go... the message is on the today screen, and appears in the inbox message list but isn't actually there - I.e. if I try to delete it, move it etc. absolutely nothing happens, no errors, but it isn't deleted or moved...
  6. Now here's an annoying problem - I sent a load of texts on Christmas day (one text to about 40 people - yeah I know mass messages are a bit naff...) and I have delivery receipts set to permanently on. One of the delivery receipts is stuck in my inbox - I can't delete it. I can't even view it, so it looks like the message has been deleted but the index (if it works this way) hasn't been updated?! It also shows up as an unread message on the today screen, and it's driving me mad - does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this (short of a hard reset)? Cheers, Stu
  7. As far as number 5 goes, I'm sure I've done this by using the scroll wheel - i.e. scroll down while incoming call and call is muted. On the train at the moment so can't check!
  8. I hate people who do this, but I am going to anyway... I haven't read the article in question, but does the fact that 3g uses 2.5 x the power of 2.g matter if the connection is active for less than half the time because of increased data transfer speeds? Not as relevant to calls, but surely important for data? ie is the data about power consumption per unit of time transmitting/receiving or power consumption per unit of data transferred? Just a thought, Stuart
  9. No idea if this will work, but there is some software called scarybear checknotifications . This lets you examine the notifications database and delete entries. I use it because callerid notifications and sms delivery receipts can really clog up the db. It does say that it is only for WM2003 and isn't needed in 2003SE or 5, but I still get lots of events that need deleting. I would try: set date back before alarm install checknotifications soft reset use CN to examine notifications and delete the one which is at the time you are having the problem (if you can see it) soft reset change to proper time soft reset As I said, don't know if it will work, but better than hard reset!
  10. I've just used Matt's modding service, and was very impressed - Matt got the adaptor back to me quickly and it works perfectly - now listening to mp3s with my trusty Shure E3Cs. I enclosed a fiver for parts and postage, which to my mind is well worth it.
  11. No problems on my Vario II, screen comes up in under 2 secs...
  12. Yeah, that's already disabled - when it is enabled I have to reboot the laptop to get AS to work if I disconnect - i.e. boot up laptop, AS works, disconnect phone, reconnect phone, AS doesn't work, reboot laptop, AS works. AS works fine if advanced USB turned off.
  13. just in case people want the number to set this up it is: **61*VOICEMAIL NUMBER*11*30# ie I use spinvox (a voice to text/email voicemail convertor) so my command would be: **61*02011337325*11*30# Cheers, Stu
  14. I've tried it with firewall/AV disabled, exactly the same thing. I resolve Ips for about a minute, then it fails. When I get a chance I will try it again, but before I connect to the phone I will do ipconfig /flushdns on the laptop. I think it may be that the DNS resolution is never working on the phone and I am using cached resolutions at first. Other thing I will try is to switch off the hard-coded DNS and modaco proxy I am using atm. Cheers, Stu
  15. I can't get the Vario II to work properly as a USB modem. everything connects ok, but I can only resolve addresses (ping google, bbc etc) for about 1 minute, then nothing will resolve. Anyone got any ideas?
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