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  1. TOP TIP! We've got a can of Brasso in the workshop so I gave it a go for a few minutes and my lens is perfect again. I tip my cap at your sir, many thanks!
  2. Excellent suggestions, thanks everyone. Think I'll give my jeweller a shot first, failing that Displex, then failing that ask Orange then failing that Expansys!
  3. Hey guys, I need your help please. I'm basically in need of a new rear battery cover for my Desire, as it's become very scratched over the 3 months I've owned it. When I take a photo now it's very blurry and misty, and without the cover on it's perfect.. boo :D I've tried to find a normal rear cover on eBay/Google but the closest I've found is a silver one from mobilefun for £17 - not really what I'm after! Does anyone know anywhere I can pick up an original one cheap? I can get an insurance replacement for £15 from Orange if it comes to it, but I'd rather not have to re-root etc! Cheers :D
  4. Having to upgrade to the latest r5 today as for the past few days I've been unable to turn off the alarm clock in the morning! Flashing now, we'll see if tomorrow is another battery-removal morning haha Edit: Just read that it's a problem if using the HTC clock alarm with the stock lockscreen.. that'll teach me for not reading first!
  5. Hi, please consider the size of the text you're quoting in future! I believe the prebakes are English-only, you'll need to sign up to MoDaCo adfree or Plus and bake a custom ROM with the Chinese IME
  6. I'm having major stability issues with the browser FC'ing constantly, with only a few exceptions. Having to use Opera Mini for the time being
  7. ^ Agreed. You need to spend a good hour or two reading through all the pinned topics in this forum and making sure you know _exactly_ what you're doing, otherwise you're going to brick your device and then won't know how to get it back! Make sure, before you do anything, you make a nandroid backup - just incase anything does go wrong (which did happen to me, but nandroid saved my bacon)
  8. Just updated to r21 - and all is well (including the Samsung Galaxy S launcher I use). Camcorder still working, though I seem unable to focus the lens before recording? HTC T9 PhonePad is still the greatest keyboard since time began. Also nice for us ex-iPhone drones to be able to wake the screen with the trackball, that's a habit I still haven't been able to shake! Once again Paul, nice work
  9. I'm still waiting on the kitchen to bake my ROM, but it wasn't too bad in r20*.. I'll let you know once I'm flashed and running
  10. Delia needs to wake up and cook faster! :lol:
  11. EddyOS is right - because this isn't a HTC ROM you _cannot_ use HTC Sync as the base isn't installed on the r20 ROM to enable it. If you created a nandroid backup before you flashed to r20 - then I'd advise going back to that if you only have your contacts in HTC Sync. Alternatively, export them to your Google account like I have... then they're available everywhere
  12. Installing now, nice one Paul. Tidy darts.
  13. Cheers for that. I'll bite my tongue and go visit those muppets at O2 then. I've quite small hands, so hopefully won't look too large. Still tossing up between the Desire and the Streak. Reckon it'll take 2.x?
  14. Hi Paul. (Long time no see!) Would you consider it too large for carrying about as a solo device, to replace, say, a 3GS?
  15. No doubt Orange have butchered it with their software. My t-mobile N95 is smooth as a babies behind - I love it. Only thing I don't like is the fact I got used to the speed of my K800i. Oh, and Hi ;)
  16. A pink one? Ouch, you're gonna want to upgrade that thing soon mate. I'm still looking forward to the day I can get a WnW card for my Macbook Pro and HSDPA that badboy.
  17. I need to get back into the WM Community - I've been out for so long, and I'm craving a new device (can you believe I've had a K800i since August. I've NEVER had a phone this long!) WM6 looks promising though, from the rumours :) Roll on Valentines day (double YAY because my gf thinks it's a farce and refuses to let me buy her pressies.. jackpot :D)
  18. Woah, Orange still have customers!? :)
  19. We should throw in another comparison.. 'Paul's Matiz' :)
  20. masterpp left the following reply in a 'report to moderator' communication :D "ok i so guess that means though that no one will be able to use the phone. is there a way of blocking everyone, except for like my emergency numbers. and then at the end of each day i just check my voice messages. " Don't thank me.. just press Reply in future please Masterpp :)
  21. Ouch, imagine the drain on battery life at this stage. Nice development tho! :)
  22. Woo Frontpage of Engadget.. get you!
  23. Had a few minutes' worth of play with it in my old T-Mobile store yesterday, and I quite liked it! Wasn't nearly as good as the jogwheel though, which gets my thumbs up.
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