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  1. I totally agree with both these points... My friend has a USB dongle @ his house, when i go round i feel jealous, when he loads it up... The amount of services discovered on his Sony W800i has compared to the 2 on my SP5 is upsetting. The camera is ok on my SP5, but like all the smartphones there useless @ night/in club HTC need to integrate a damn light onto these things!!! Again i refer to Sony ericsson but some of their features are soooo way ahead of HTC. For £300 i would expect a little more on my SP5, i love it but it wasnt worth the Cash
  2. you can still download the trial though... for 800+meg you would have thought it'd have been included but go here: http://www.microsoft.com/emea/msdn/visuals...o/getthetrials/
  3. My top 3 would be... 1. SMS 2. Email (Iv got my ISP mail, gmail, + personal site loaded into the phone) 3. Sharing "cough" files with the office.
  4. I cant install it. dispite choosing installation drive where i have 50 gig spare, the install still requires 2 gig on C: of which i dont have so im stuck. choose to install in D: yet requirements are: 1800mb on C: 800mb on D: how does that figure?
  5. only took me 13 minutes to download. avg speed of 1018k/s microsofts servers are like the fastest around.
  6. no it doesnt. there are a few suggestions on the forum... If you have access to an SPV c500 the has multimedia album so much better. you can copy the album.exe and the language file from the /windows dir to your wm5 device. alternativly resco do a decent picture viewer, unfortunately it doesnt display vids, (i couldnt get it to anyhow). iv gone for copying the album files from my c500 and removed shortcut to pictures
  7. i have a belkin dongle on my pc. if i try and send files 2 my sp5. the pc says my phone doesnt have ftp service. can any1 help.... i thought i could get out of using cable :-( thanks rob
  8. i think i have a similar dongle labelled differently. mine is registered by windows device manage as ISSC I have been reading around... i think theres something wrong with my windows i have SP2 but i have no 'My Bluetooth Places' No bluetooth icon in control panel. i think my windows installation is missing something. ;) i cant get active sync to work at all with this BlueSoleil software
  9. iv got the same mms issue this morning... i have Operator Version: 1.5.333.0 The newest i could find on the imate FTP site. Some people are posting the version number from the wrong screen. Go to... Start > Settings > More > System Information I think a registry fix is the only way. but i guess someone has gota fiddle around to find the setting.
  10. looeee understands correctly. its the green call button - i did say that in my first post, try it, both me and my brother have the sp5 both do the same. if its set to email/txt or something none numeric it loads up the call log. really i should do what "alinkent" said. like it used to do on the c500 start a new SMS or email.
  11. I rebooted my phone today, after it came back on i noticed the whole start menu has automatically decided to order itsself alphabetically. See screenshot!!!
  12. Imate SP5: WM5 OS 5.1.70 (build 14406.1.1.1) Radio ver: RIL ver: 2.002 ROM Update versions: Operator: Manufacturer: Microsoft: Language: File system:
  13. anyone got anything for this? id really like sub folders back from the days of my old nokias keeps things so much tidier
  14. what rip off places are you getting them from? My imate SP5 was cheaper than any Qtek 8310 i could find. phones2udirect.co.uk £304 delivered next day.
  15. BEWARE!!! I used this modification exactly!!! it killed the mms on my phone, doing this mod on my Imate SP5 Luckily i wrote down the original settings and have restored them.
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