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  1. ive been wondering why some of the buttons on the hardware kb dont behave the same as the others specifically the ?,~ and " w/c are shared by the directional keys. to get them you have to be pressing down on the alt key at the same time the corresponding symbol key.why not the same as the others that you just press alt once(no need to depress at the same time) then the assigned button?i always make a mistake typing in the ?(w/c is a highly used symbol) coz of this.is there a way to make them behave like their brothers and sister?:-)
  2. can someone pls attach their original iframe_style.css when black theme is used here?it can be found in the root windows folder.i seem to have tweaked it in a wrong way and now my sms BG is gray. and also,can anyone confirm that the threaded default BG of opened messages is black?mine has become gray and i really am confused already whether it should be black or gray by default. thanks!
  3. im getting really confused.are you using a b7610 tacchan?is the BG of the threaded sms not black?as i said earlier i remember it being black originally.
  4. weird thing,i hard reset and the gray color was still there.flashed 3 different roms and still it persisted.i really dont know why the BG is still gray when i remember distinctly that it used to be black.has anyone experienced the same thing.now im getting OC over this...can anyone think of why this happened and how to fix it?i even tried this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=622520 but only the top part got skinned and the message body was still like my screenshot.
  5. this is the messaging app w/c has the correct colors but once i open up a message: here now are my messages.wrong colors im using daskalos megalite rom for b7610 and btw,is it possible to make the green senders name yellow also and the blue "me" red?
  6. i meant in the newly upped files taken out from the rom:-)
  7. is it just me or is office mobile really missing?
  8. just found out now!hahaha!sorry for the mix up!
  9. just flashed.hard reset 2 times,no prob. 1st thing i noticed is that the settings button is not included in the start menu.i had to enable the pro screen to see it in the shortcuts.its important to have this in the start menu otherwise its gonna be difficult to change certain settings even if you run spb ms or other homescreen plugins coz certain settings are not available there... will update findings as i go along.
  10. that was ultra fast!!!we just talked last night about this...DAGHANG SALAMAT!!! btw,is it possible to take out the samsung homescreens?dont need it since i use SPB MS.also the touch player since i use kinoma play:-)
  11. is it possible to use the amoled default black theme and change just all the other elements(like in the v7 add ons)to a different color?maybe like an amoled black add on? i really prefer the red add ons but id like for the backgrounds for everything else still black.for example with tacchan 23 black theme installed,evrything looks like amoled black except when i open up my messages the background is gray with black text.i really love your themes!thanks for all the great work:-)
  12. hope this comes out soon:-) im itching to get more out of this device without all the samsung fluff...
  13. how is this possible?i get very little ram and daskalos ang galing ng b7610 noh?one of the best ppcs ive ever owned.
  14. now this may be a bit off topic but id really want to turn xT9 off permanently but cant seem to find a way to do it.what worked for the touch doesnt seem to work for the dual coz of the hardware keyboard.i want to use the hardware keyboard for writing and when i try to do this(being from a different country using a different language)xT9 just gets in the way.i want abc as the default.can any one help me with this?if no one can maybe the next best thing is to be able to install a tagalog(my native language) xT9.is this possible?
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