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  1. I beleive that you can have an MP3 as a generic ringtone, but not as a specific tone for a specific person - it has to be a .wav for that to work. doug
  2. I have a POP3 account set up for automatic pickup on my MPX220 - It seems to work for a while and then quit. I used to have 2 accounts set up but read somewhere that was a problem, so I deleted one of them. But it still only works for a while and then just stops checking for email automatically - but manually it works fine. Any ideas? If it matters, I have Fizz Travelor installed and it works fine with automatic weather pick ups. Thanks!
  3. Not sure why but the same thing happened to me this week while I was out of the US in Canada. I was roaming on the "ROGERS" network. I could get calls but was unable to place any calls - it was very frustrating... I just assumed it was because I was roaming... Doug
  4. OK, I have tricked out on my smartphone - I can create and modify my own .XML - I have it set so that I can use it to connect my laptop to the internet wiehn I am on the road. I can play movies and mp3s - I have updated the firmware multiple times. I figured out how to email pictures and have my email set up to pick up my comcast emails - ... But there is something that I don't get - what is WAP. When I go to dataconnections - I have WAP connection: Secure WAP connection WAP Proxy Secure WAP Proxy and each of those have options under them - for example WAP Proxy is set for PDA connect (that was the default) - what does this and the other settings do? Phone is an MPX220 with Cingular, if it makes any difference and "Internet" is set to Automatic" Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know what the name of the "windows Default" home sscreen is? I noticed that on the new firmware for the MPX220, the volce mail counter works. It has not worked with older version. So if I can find the "Windows Default" .XML file - I can see what they used for a plug in and try and use it on someof my other homes screens. I looked and couldn't find it - so I am assuming it has a different name - or I am just blind... Thanks Doug
  6. Does anyone know how to change/add caller ID tempaltes on the MPX220? I can't find any PIT files on the phone, and our caller ID function works different than described. I also have some animated GIFs that I would like to add as a contact photo, but it won;t give me that option with a GIF.... Doug
  7. Any idea how to do this on a MPX220? I don't have a photocontacts menu choice, or the directory mentioned. To assign photos, you have to go to the photoalbum/menu/attach to contact. I can't find any PIT files... Doug
  8. This is truly the best home screen I have seen. It is very clean and looks great on my MPX220. I can't imagine that I will find anything better! Thanks for sharing! Doug
  9. OK, I saw this in the settings repository - (I just set up my phone as a modem for GPRS - very cool!) And I was trying to figure out what to do with it or why I would want it. Cingular charges me to send an MMS - does this allow me to circumvent that? Top it off, my MMS doesn't work well. Serioulsy, I sent some pictures, and it was more then 3 weeks before they showed up in the recievers email.. Will this fix it, and if so, how do I get to it - I can't edit my MMS settings from within messages... Doug settings that I was looking at.... Multimedia Messaging GPRS MMS service Access point: WAP.CINGULAR Username: [email protected] Password: CINGULAR1 IP address: Mmsc Address: http://mmsc.cingular.com
  10. My Phone now sends Email on POP3 accounts - no special SMTP server needed..!! Details - Motorola MPX220 Smartphone . Cingular in the USA Got it to work - on two different accounts. GMAIL -(google) and comcast.net This is what I did : go here - www.mywindowsmobile.com follow the instructions, but in your email address of a POP3 account that you have. It will try to figure out your settings. It does not ask you for a password...(in case you are wondering). It figured out my comcast,net settings, but not gmail.com. I went to gmail to look up there settings and filled them in. Feel free to pick some fun "favorites" (links) to send to your phone while you are there. When you are done, it will send you an SMS message that will load a new ne account on your message screen - "Personal Mail". Create an email message to send from that account on your phone Tell it to "send and Recieve", it will prompt you for your password, (tell it to save. it). It will pick up any new mail you have and then error out trying to send. Once it errors out, go back into your setup of that account on your phone and check the box that says "Outgoing server requires authentication" - but don't mess with any other "outgoing Server Settings". Keep hitting next to go through the rest of the screens, and then press finish. Opent he account again, choose "send and Recieve" and it should work - it did for me. I am sure that I had already tried this box (I know I did). Now maybe I had somehting else wrong when I was trying to set it up but I swear it never worked until I had that website send me down the SMS file. Could all be coincidence Anyway, it now works fine - It works on google, so I know it isn't just because it is my own ISP. I hope this helps someone else - I really like my phone, but getting it to work can be confusing as hell... Doug
  11. I couldn't figure out why I got that headset in the mail! I thought someone stole my paypal account, or credit card and stuff was just shipping to my home address by default. Did they send out an email or anything? Anything to announce what they were doing? Doug
  12. So, when you send an email - and people reply, does the reply go to your "plusnet" account, or the orange mail server. - I kind of understand but am consussed about the results! Thanks for the info so far! Doug
  13. I am not using the providers email - I am using google or comcast - "free" email websites. They are POP3 accounts so I think I should be able to connect. When I configured the accounts, I tried both Automatic configuration (let the phone contact them and figure it out) and manual (go to their website and find the help file that tells you what the settings should be. Anyone have any ideas? Doug
  14. I have a MPX220 on Cingular in teh US - Not sure if this is device specific or not. I just got the unlimited data package and am trying to get email to work. I have accounts at gmail (google) and comcast,net. I set up the phone to work with the POP3 email accounts - and when I manuallu connect it will retrieve messages, but it will not send them. It tells me errors occured - the message could not be sent. Verify that you have network covereage and your account info is correct... Well, I can recieve messages, but can't send - Anyone have any ideas? Doug
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