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  1. I just bought a T-mobile (USA) One S and imported to Australia. Managed to sim unlock and flash new bootloader. Then I flashed Ir3 Sense and all seems great! Just having a problem getting the network data speeds I was expecting. I've tried all of the network providers and only Telstra gives me decent 3G data speeds. I've checked the other network providers frequencies, and the ONE S should be able to work on all the frequencies over here. On the box for the One S, it lists the supported frequencies as GSM:850/900/1800/1900 UMTS: band I (2100) band II (1900) Band IV (1700/2100/AWS) Band V (850). With Optus and Vodafone I get 2g shown in the notification bar. Telstra shows 4G and a quick test gave me 16Mbit download speed. Is it likely that I need to flash a new baseband that will help with this problem? If so, how do I know which one to flash. I've done all sorts of rom flashing, but don't think I've done a baseband....not sure really! Thanks, current baseband 0.16.31501S.16_2_10.22.31501S.10L
  2. Tried it and it doesn't work. 'Mount script error' - Mount script cannot be created. I've tried so many times to wipe, format etc and just cannot get apps2sd to work. Tried AOKP and it wouldn't boot at all. It seems that the sd-ext partition is created ok, but it won't mount at boot. I totally wiped the sd card and allowed the phone to create the sd-ext, and then installed the ROM, and then darktremors scripts. Reboot and nothing happens, just go through the initial setup routine. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I can try to get it working? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I've just downloaded and flashed the P736E rom. I also flashed the darktremor scripts but when I tried to install and run the GUI then it presents a message 'A2sd script does not run properly, better do "a2sd check" in terminal emulator! Maybe your version is below' Any idea why this happens? I had previously created an sd-ext3 partition and was running CM9 r9. I did a wipe/factory reset, basically followed the instructions at the beginning of this thread, including installing the darktremor scripts. Was this the correct procedure? Thanks,
  4. Getting too many random reboots with this - usually when I'm not using the phone. Anyone else? Normally at least 1 reboot per day.
  5. Yeah I've checked the settings - can't see anything re the statubar, maybe it's not in CM9? anyone running CM9 using the sliding brightness feature? EDIT - aha! found it and it's working! Cheers...
  6. How is the brightness slider supposed to work? I've turned off auto brightness, rebooted. Press on the notification bar and then slide right or left? Nothing happens for me. Am I missing something? Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if someone can tell me what the advantages/disadvantages of AOKP over CM9 are? I'm currently using CM9 with only a small wifi sleep issue, is there any good reason to install AOKP? Many thanks FrankyG
  8. Love this ROM (R9) but still getting wifi sleep problems. CANNOT get wifi to stay active when the phone sleeps. eg wifi switched on and downloading a large file, game etc. As soon as the screen switches off, the wifi disconnects and the download fails. Doesn't seem to make any difference what the wifi sleep policy is set to. When I wake the phone up, it doesn't reconnect to the wifi point, I have to switch wifi off and then on for it to work. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Thanks again for a really nice ROM. FrankyG
  9. Hmmm, didn't work. Set the wifi sleep policy to Never and when the screen turns off the wifi also disconnects.....
  10. My bad, I just found the wifi sleep policy setting. I've set that to never and will test it now. Cheers.
  11. Hi, I've searched for the answer to this but no success - is it possible to have wifi still active even when the phone sleeps? I've tried a couple of apps but they don't work. I know I can plug the phone in and set it never to sleep, but that's not always convenient. I'm actually connecting to my laptop using connectify, everytime my phone sleeps then it disconnects from connectify. More annoyingly, when I wake up the phone wifi is still switched on, but it no longer can connect to the internet. I need to switch off wifi and then back on again before it will work. Unfortunately I don't have a regular wireless router or AP to test whether this behaviour is unique to connectify. Anyway, anyone know if it's possible to have wifi not sleep on the phone? many thanks,
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