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  1. Moving on from my Y300 and this ROM, I've just taken delivery of the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, couldn't resist the price on Amazon. Anyone else here got this beastly phone?
  2. @H3ROS This has probably been asked before, my apologies if it has, but can you reduce the size of the numbers when dialing with international code, i.e. +440000000000 because it doesn't fit on the same line? Also, is it no longer possible to add percentage next to battery like stock rom by using just editing build.prop?
  3. First time using a different kernel to stock, loving the tinkering :P
  4. Nokia X ROM has been ported to Cherry Mobile S100, which has pretty much identical specs to Y300...
  5. Tillaz, would you mind making a flashable zip for DSP Manager to work with B199 stock rom?
  6. I wonder why it has an older kernel as pointed out by a few people...
  7. @TangerineTractor see you trying nearly every single ROM for the Y300! It's nice to read your feedback on them too, keep it up! :)
  8. Device info - stock rom Anyone else having issues with video calling on Skype with the Y300, the screen just stayed black on mine?...
  9. I'm sure someone could help us with that...
  10. Hi All Could you request for official CM here http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/72289-request-huawei-ascend-y300/ Thanks
  11. Device info - Y300, bootloader unlocked and rooted on stock rom. Trying to get ZeroSMS to install as a system app. Tried using adb commands to remount but unsuccessful :/ Is it possible to remount using adb shell commands? Thanks https://github.com/virtualabs/ZeroSMS
  12. Can people check if you can see "lines" on every corner of the phone (rubber coated section)... Also noticed dust already in the camera lens area....
  13. Ordered one of these today, should be with me tomorrow...
  14. I had a P910i and a bluetooth GPS unit paired with it, yes this was years ago! I went shopping with the girlfriend, went on the motorway to try a different route, only to have someone call me, interrupt my sense of direction, even though I was only going straight. Best of the all, the phone froze! I started yelling at the phone, girlfriend in the passenger seat just laughing hysterically at me :( Managed to get it sorted as the girlfriend helped with her calm and collective approach, so looks like women are needed, sometimes! Ha Would love CoPilot on my phone!
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