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  1. Unchecking all notification light options, coming out of the page and then going back in and re-enabling them resolves it.
  2. Another possible bug - notification light doesnt seem to be working for SMS notifications on the Sense rom.
  3. The HTC One I picked up today is the red version - looks much better in real life than it does in the photos. I'll keep you posted on how it goes with day-to-day usage.
  4. Another bug Paul - Flickr for HTC Sense and Instagram for HTC Sense (probably LinkedIn for HTC Sense too) settings do not survive a switch. This is when you add them either via Blinkfeed options or via 'accounts & sync'. Further to this, I think 'Accounts & Sync' needs a good looking at in general. Some accounts that have been added don't show up in this list after a switch. Weather is an example. Another (more important) one is Exchange Activesync. The HTC Mail app appears to work but this is no longer showing in the 'accounts & sync' section. Non-HTC accounts do appear to show correctly; including Dropbox, Google and Twitter.
  5. Yep, looks to be, could be that the position and config of the widgets is set here for both launchers and they are each getting their knickers in a twist as per my post above.
  6. That didnt work unfortunately. I did find something interesting though: On the Sense rom, I have the Google search bar on the first homescreen (middle, with Blinkfeed to the left) and Catch notes widget on the right-most homescreen. Switched to Google rom. Added catch notes widget on the first right homescreen. Switched back to Sense rom - the Google search widget is gone and in its place is the Catch notes widget!! Any ideas?
  7. Yeah I tried Nova and sure enough with the exclude in place all is well. I'm guessing something has to be common between the sense and Google stock launchers that it doesn't like.
  8. Yeah, as soon as I switch any widgets that were added are gone when I return. I'm using the Google Search widget and Catch Notes widget.
  9. The widget problem is getting on my nerves now :P I'm using stock launchers for both GE and Sense - am I able to add excludes to keep the stock launcher settings separate?
  10. I had the problem after flashing beta5 as the others did, following these instructions resolved it for me (except I used file manager in TWRP to remove the contents of the 'users' folder.
  11. Downloading now, its taking some time. I'll post feedback later this evening as soon as I can.
  12. Can't wait for this. Just got the HTC One now that my Nexus 4 has finally given up the ghost.
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