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  1. Mine isn't great, battery is about 52% after 11.30hrs. With 18minutes screen time. Also notice that the Rom seems a little laggy. I was on android revolution 8.1 previously and that seemed a little smoother and battery was better. :/ Suggestions?
  2. Installed on Desire HD, stock ROM. All working fine here. thanks!
  3. Glad that i went a head and got a desire hd now. Afraid that this doesn't seem enough of a bump in the specs. Just expecting more i guess. The lack of SD card is going to be a killer as well. You would of thought that google would of come up with a killer feature with it, like a high end camera or something! Get the feeling that when you hold this next to the n1, there is nothing that jumps out and makes you think right i need to buy this phone because... OH well, role on the 6month wait for HTC to role out my 2.3 sense riddled update.
  4. Specifically it can be found under: Settings - Applications - Fast Boot (Un Check the Box). However as mentioned its just as easy to restart.
  5. Anyone else finding that their phones cpu spikes to 100%, OS monitor shows it to be /INIT process (PID 1). Seems to happen randomly and keep the cpu maxed out until the phone is rebooted. The CPU getting battered like it is, causes the entire system to crawl to a halt and the battery to loose a significant amount of charge. There is a thread over at XDA in the Desire HD General with quite a few others that are having the same issue. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=826507 Oh! This is on the latest OTA 1.132.405.6 init.rc file is attached if anyone knows what to look for. Any suggestions? init.rc.txt
  6. T-Mobile told me that they had another 3000 in today that have gone already, all the back ordered pre-orders that they had taken mean that they cant get enough in stock. I was told that all pre-ordered handsets have been sent out (not correct as i had pre-ordered). Finally gave up on them after being lied to and messed around so much that it drove me insane! They loyalty team truly are the most incompetent bunch of numtyps on the planet. Hey ho such is life! Anyway, managed to walk in to the three shop next door and just take one home that day! Props to Three for turning the ship around, left them a couple of years ago because of lack of decent handsets and now they are laughing. :) Anyway to cut to the chase and the bit that you probably care about, tmo has no more stock, nothing has gone to stores from what i can tell. New stock will be in next friday for the HD.
  7. Lucky bugger! Im still trying to get mine from Tmobile, arrange to get an early upgrade and waiting for them to get them in stock again, either in store or at the warehouse. Its rubbish because no one at Tmo can tell me when they will be getting them back in stock. :D
  8. I ordered mine this morning, they said that they received stock in this week, that was for the people that qualified for a pre-ordered device, they no longer have any available. The next ones are due in next week, in store on wednesday and friday, well thats what i was told after speaking to three shops and a couple of tmobile reps.
  9. Afraid because of the cpu on the blade it will never run flash, even when its upgraded to 2.2.
  10. Ok this is just getting more and more tempting by the minute! Im due for an upgrade and im planning on getting the Desire HD and selling the Nexus, with the cash i think i might buy one of these as a play phone!
  11. Hi Paul, Couple of quick questions that i doubt that you will be able to answer at the minute! Since the Blade has potential to be the next best budget device, how does it compare to the tmobile pulse? Whats it like for speed, is that 600Mhz CPU up to the job? Hows the battery life, whats it capactiy and 'advised' talktime and standby? - Think you might need to have it for a week or two first! lol Cheers, Jon
  12. Thanks for that! Signed up for it, will be interesting to see what their contract rates are and if they have screwed around with the software, i hope that they havent!
  13. Agreed, most of the time it is. However I have found that recently with some of the 24month contracts work out a bit cheaper, but you just have to take the hit of having the same handset for 2years! personally Ill be looking to get the HD on tmobile, however ill want it on a £30 per month contract for 18months, but id be happy to pay 100 for the phone. :lol:
  14. joners


    Will be interested to see what the battery life is like, according to Pauls post its something like 490/420hrs depending on 2g/3g speeds. However the battery is smaller than my Nexus One and that only quotes about 290hrs standby. Ive heard rumours that the slcd gets better battery life, however in the recent engadget tests it shows that it was worse than AMOLED. Im due for a new phone now and looking for something to be a worthy successor to the Nexus One. Is this it? Thoughts anyone?
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