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    Password reset at Login prompt not working?

    After I received the email about the breach I tried to reset my password at the Login prompt. Although I was told that my password had been reset I didn't receive an email, so I came back and logged on using (guessing) my old password. Haven't been here for a while! So either I typed my email address in wrong (don't think so) or the password reset function may have an issue. Anyway, I have reported it and have also changed my password now I am in.
  2. Gary, thanks for that. It suggests that the only design reason for having SD slots is to allow the use of USB Mass Storage. O.K. as far as it goes, and I understand the frustration of having one full partition and one half empty partition. Nevertheless an SD slot does allow flexible expansion of storage, and given the total cost of these handsets the saving on the SD slot support cannot be that great compared to the additional flexibility. So why not have more internal RAM and also an SD slot? Hmmm....I was looking at an S2 yesterday, and trying to decide if I should get one after the S 3 launch or hang on for a few months until the S3 price drops a bit, and I did note that the SD card slot was not easily accessible. So perhaps the designers did only envisage using these as externally addressable memory? If so it presumably must have been cheaper than fitting a larger fixed RAM and then partitioning it. Still not fully convinced by the theory. What do you do if you want to for example keep a load of maps on the phone because you are going abroad and don't want to pay massive roaming charges to download from Google Maps? In my limited experience of computing devices I have always managed to fill up the available storage eventually so an expansion capability is always useful. Cheers LGC P.S. interesting Linux explanation which is screaming out for a little PERL scripting.
  3. Just wondering why you can't put the SD card into your computer instead of using a USB connection. [This is something concerning me about the latest generation handsets which seem to be going away from media card slots and only having onboard memory. If you hit this kind of problem, how do you resolve it? Exchangeable media is cheap - and exchangeable - so why stop using it?] Cheers LGC
  4. Hi, been reading the threads about getting a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter (Maplin, out of stock) to use normal stereo headphones. This is a 3 segment plug which ignores the 4th (microphone) segment of the plug/socket. I happen to have a Plantronics mono headset with boom microphone. 3 segment again, but microphone, mono, power I presume. Just wondering if this would work, or if not if there was an adapter. Not a big issue as I have a Jabra BT200 anyway; just curious. Cheers Dave R
  5. Just joined and browsing when I found this. What Bluetooth devices are supported on the phone? ISTR that headset and audio gateway have different capabilities.

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