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  1. xT9 is by default the input method on iPaq 610 series. this tool (thanks to xda-developers & author of this small cab file) seems to do the job just fine, even if it's made for other devices. I installed it and now ABC.. is set as default instead of XT9 Set ABC as default input
  2. 563 views and nothing.. on other forums the very same issue has been reported as well. As you can see from the chat I had with HP support, they don't have a clue about it. I'm hoping in a ROM update that will address this issue.
  3. Available for download directly from HP. Fixes a battery status issue. www.hp.com Under Drivers/Software Download. Enter Model number i.e. Ipaq 614c, Select operating system (Windows Mobile 6). Download the utility and run it. Always read the installation instructions.
  4. Have you tried calls over bluetooth headset?
  5. Been a while since I last posted here :D I recently got a brand new HP IPAQ 614C - Business Navigator. Very good phone, solid, fast etc. One problem though that appeared after 2 days of use: Over bluetooth, voice calls sound extremely distorted. Anybody here has the same problem? Currently the HP live support is unable to help because, the phone is new and they don't know a lot of things about it.
  6. will let you know tomorrow when I finish fixing the "£$^£%^^ joystick
  7. this confirms HTC's $HITY build quality. they don't seem to understand that their joystick hardware SUCKS. That plastic-rubber thing popped and I lost it somewhere so I have to find something to put there. The down movement also stopped working. I left my phone to a friend of mine which is going to do the Sony Ericsson mod; it seems that joysticks from SE phone perfectly fit on SP3i/SP4/SP5 phones and they work even better than the factory ones.
  8. My i-mate sp5 has been running WM6 since last week. it took me around 15 minutes to read instructions and apply them. Very easy procedure as long as you don't skip any steps. no crashes and seems more stable than the existing official WM5 rom. GPRS works fine, Wi-Fi works fine, doesn't drop phone calls, battery life is same/better, it's faster and richer in applications (mobile office, acrobat, etc).
  9. the connector inside needs reflowing. you need a soldering iron with an extra fine tip. I'll post a picture tomorrow
  10. there are pretty good guides for replacing the fonts on the asian roms. Search!! I did it a year ago!
  11. I replaced the V1240 rom with i-mate and finally qtek ROMs. You need to application unlock first, then CID unlock afterwards, and then do the upgrade.
  12. don't go with vodafone rom. does not have messenger services and some other apps where the qtek/sp5 have as standard.
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