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  1. MPX 220. complete. no defects with mic and volume. open line. imported from the states. 25k. thanks 09192936555
  2. magkono


    the SAP of my bro has a prob. when i call i cant here anything,....went to brightpoint fixing the speaker is 1.8k....anywhere else i could get it done cheaper. thnkas
  3. o ya i forgot to post em. here ya go http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lasm_90/a...lbum?.dir=/cd7c
  4. i finally got my mdaIII which im using to post right here....will post pics later.
  5. anybody have a relative out of the country or some1 going out? can i make pabili a imate pda2k? pls....thanks
  6. i have an xdaII. 30k 09192936555
  7. xda / xda II thumbpad no defects 3,500 09192936555
  8. motorola v80 -color black -no defects -never been opened -never turned it on -will turn on infront of you -comes with box charger manuals -it is absolutly BRANDNEW -unlocked -28k -looking for swap with nokia 7610 or P900 -looking for swap with O2 xdaII i will add cash. thanks 09192936555
  9. Nokia 3660 -slightly used -lady owned(my sis) -comed with standard package - no defects -no hidden defects -never been dropped -unoticable scratches -No swap -13k reason for selling. she got a 7610. Nokia 6610 -1 yr old -complete package -white casing but comes with black also (BOTH ARE ORIG) -no defects -no hidden defects -little scracthes but unoticable -No swap -7k reason for selling her BF got a 6230 just text me at 09192936555
  10. hi im swapping my moto a835 for any phone. ill add cash or you add cash. - it comes complete with box,cd,manual,charger,datacable -has 4x digital zoom -no defects -unlocked -its gsm and 3g but 3g wont work in the phil -can put mp3's cuz of the 64mb built in mem. -09192936555 prefferably swap with SE p800(str8 swap) with nokia 6230(i add cash) with nokia 6600(i add cash) with nokia 7200(i add cash) with nokia 7610(i add cash) with SE K-700i(i add cash) with SAP2/e200(i add cash) and other pohones thank you
  11. 128 mb mmb. 2k. TWINMOS 09212702222
  12. the motorola mpx200 is here. its being sold at the hub. 25+++. thats it
  13. whre did your bro get it and how much? may warranty? thanks
  14. hello im selling my samsung sgh-i505 which my mom got me from the states. the camera has a defect but can be repaired all you have to look for is someone with the camera software of the zire. it only comes with stylus and charger and ofcourse the unit. this phone is powered by palm and it has a 180 degree turning screen. also willing to swap with any model . il add cash. 0 9 1 6 2 0 4 1 0 5 5 for a review and more pics look at msmmobile . com and do a search. thank you e-mail me for pics [email protected] im selling for 12000 pesos
  15. wwhere did you get the brando thing? thanks
  16. SAP for sale 11 nalang. complete. keypads are kinnda chipping off. good condition no defects....thanks 09162041055
  17. for sale: box cd charger datacable and cam. 2000. thanks
  18. i just learnd that globe calls their edge EWAP
  19. can som1 teach me how to downgrade that rom cuz it kinnda sux
  20. di ko gets kun pano mag downgrade....help naman oh. ang panget eh. thanks
  21. for sale: SAP camera. e-mail me your offer., [email protected] mmc 256= 4,700 128=3,000 64=1,700. thanks
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