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  1. no actually thats my frend from ebuyncell forum. wat batch u from.
  2. im a guy 8) . i wish my mom/dad cud but ther really not in the house most of the time. i live in magallanes. i study in colegio san agustin makati. thanks
  3. can i make pabili a case and keypads for the SAP. im only 13 and i cant go out of the village. please.....i know how to change it naman eh. pls and thank you
  4. thanks the moving the joystick helped....sorry for not doing a search
  5. thanks pero im looking for the whole case to be removed. thanks
  6. I need to disassemble my SAP since I left it in the same pocket where I carry a spray bottle at work and nagseep yung cleaner into the phone, now my screen looks like a road map. I've tried blowing it with an air compressor through the buttons but to no avail... I need to disassemble it but I find no screws present. Need help thanks,
  7. magkono


    it doesnt work in mine also
  8. my old one got stolen....so my dad got me a new plan
  9. how much would my sap sell? it has 2 cameras 2 cables and chargers 2 cds and to boxes. openline with qteck rom and it has a 256 sd with it? thanks
  10. hi guys. how do you set the tone so it can read the tone in the SD. thanks
  11. it shows getting information from smartphone. something like that.
  12. the phone only showed the canary thing..what should i do
  13. how long does the update take? because i tried to re run the update but it was so long? thANKS
  14. how long does your update take. mine is like an hour and yet it still says getting information on your smart phone. something like that? so how long does it usually take
  15. I tried to upgrade the software of my phone.. but computer restarted. Now everytime i on my phone(just power button not with the record) it goes to bootloader. i already tried to do a Hard reset still nothing happened. what should i do?
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