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  1. I have an imate sp5m due to a mishap outer body got damaged, the phone works fine though. can any one help or guide me to a place where i can get any help plz DONT refer i mate help they are least pushed.
  2. I have i mate sp5m had same problem, went ftp clubimate downloaded original rom redid the rom and it was fine though i had to re sync the phone setting/ softwares installed again. plz go to the manufacturer site get the original rom or upgrade run it hopefully every thing will be fine. PS dont forget to make a backup
  3. Thanks for help, AS 4.5 has even greater mind all contacts are garbled / duplicate. i formated the pc intalled new win xp/ office with outlook 2003. once again the fun has started now contacts are fixed(well sort of) but i cant sync emails on both pc however Push works on gprs fine.Any more ideas.
  4. I have old SPV Classic orange and an imate sp5m , i was using active sync 3.8 for sync , every thing worked fine than one day i decided to download 4.2 installed it in bothe home and office pc now spv classic doesnt sync at all on both pc and sp5m whenever syncs changes all my numbers to a year old list, ITS FRUSTRATING, tried all the options in AS 4.2 but problem remains the same. any tutorial / help would be great.
  5. This topic is specifically for mods. Lets have a modaco ring tone may be competition for the ring tone Why should we have one ? my reasons are:-- 1. To have a MoDaCo spec ring tone we can distinguish other MoDaCo fans in crowd when their fone rings 2. once i have the Modaco boot up screen on my HTC tornado why not the ringtone 3. Lets be a part of modaco community, i have learn t a lot from here
  6. I found this page very helpful MMSC setting
  7. Smart people use Smartphones. And Java is for............................................................................. ...................................................
  8. I have Imate SP5m , while sending blu beams it works perfectly but while receiving data via blue through some brands like NOKIA it simply refuses to accept the beams.more over low storage space some time deprives me of music sharing. Is there a way that incoming blu tooth data can directly be received in storage card . Any reg tweak / command / cab would be highly appreciated. thanks in advance
  9. first of all read through whole forum dont do anything impulsive and if your phone is working fine dont try to screw it up learn from my example if you still want to try something TRY imate ftp site http://www.smartmobil.no/index.php?name=Up...etit&lid=83
  10. Every thing went fine till 100% than phone tried to auto start but remained dead till next 4 minutes to be precise than i unhooked the cable and tried to boot up manually but service light blinked yellow once and Dead again after trying many key combinitions(cam+comm+start button OR cam+#+startbtn etc etc) once the screen did light up (all white) and than died . some times pc detected(usb device not recognised) but nothing worked for me. Hope this might help
  11. I have a similar problem with my Imate sp5m it neither sends mms nor recieves whereas gprs works fine as per setting of gprs/mms provided by my service provider, but mms is not responsive at all.phone has enough memory free
  12. I ROMMED my imate sp 5m to Qtek :( than O2 ;) every time it was perfect than i got carried away to try something new so i tried Tmobile sda rom every thing went fine till 100% than on reboot the phone died ;) . after spending many hours on net and reading forums ( and trying my own hit and miss methods :P (i think i did a damn great screw up) so not suspecting any intelligent negative engineering from me :) they issued me with a brand new imate sp5m :) . All said and done i want to ask that if Tmobile sda and imate sp5m are both tornado than why the rom did not work :D ? OR i did something screwy during the update :D . somebody plz enlighten :)
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