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  1. Well, I've long since given up. ALK never followed up with me, except to tell me that they couldn't come up with a solution because the BJII didn't have the NMEA messaging component in its GPS module, so that was that. I gave it away to my secretary and never looked back, good riddance.
  2. Yes, it's still too early to expect to hear from them. They've had a message on their Web site for weeks, stating that they'd be out for the holidays until after the New Year. I did, however, bump into a few of the ALK people at a holiday party just before Christmas (most of the ALK execs are Princeton alums, as am I), including the Founder/President, and I can tell you that it is being worked on, but I was made to promise not to volunteer more than that. No one has forgotten, however. :(
  3. Yikes! :( Steady on, old chap, I really don't think his comment was meant to be an insult, so much as an observation. I'm sure many people are truly appreciative of your efforts. But like all artists (and I include programmers/code writers in this bunch), critiques and observations are part and parcel of the experience. :D
  4. Anyone know what registry entry will allow me to remap some of the buttons on the BJ II? For instance, I want to remap the CV key to launch CorePlayer, and I have one or two other apps I want to map to a couple of buttons. I've poked around a little in the registry using Resco Registry, but I couldn't find anything. Any help is appreciated. :(
  5. I have CoPilot Live 7 working on my Q9h with the GPS patch from here on COM 5. I also have a Blackjack II that I cannot get to work at all; same as you, I get a GPS detection failed message, and that's with the GPS patch from here. Funny thing is, the GPS test quickly picks up satellites but I still get the error message, so I don't know. I thought I was alone in this, but I guess not.
  6. You know, I've been wondering about this myself. I have no such settings anywhere in the version I'm using, which begs the question: which version of GMM are you (and everyone else) using to get access to these settings? I thought I had the latest version, which says v1.7.1.4 in the program's startup screen. Could you please point me in the direction of the version that gives you access to changing the GPS settings? This is one of my gripes about GMM's site; there never seems to be any version information. Thanks! P.S. - I'm still waiting for someone to tell where in the registry they can alter the COM port settings after installing that GPS enable .cab file.
  7. I work with a European pharma company and frequently travel there. As such, I have an account with T-Mobile in Germany which allows for smooth 3G while in EU. I've used it in the US, but the roaming charges are just too prohibitively expensive for it to be a viable option. However, I'm an American and live in NYC but have an account with T-Mobile, which does not yet have that service here. What I wanted to know is this: is it possible to purchase a prepaid SIM from Cingular and use that for 3G data without too much hassle? I got a Cingular GoPhone prepaid SIM that's a 3G one (at least it says so on the back) and thought I'd be able to use it that way, but while I get the "U", whenever it tries to connect in a 3G area, it promptly disconnects. In EDGE areas, it connects and works fine. Tried to deal with Cingular customer service, but that proved to be an exercise in futility. :rolleyes: Any ideas? :(
  8. I figured out what the problem was: for some reason, when AudiblePlayer is installed on a storage card with the SDA, the graphics don't work with that app. When I resintalled it into main memory, it showed up just fine. But this is strange for another reason: I installed AudiblePlayer onto a storage card on the 2125 with no problems in function or display. Why the two should behave so differently when they are relative analogs of one another is beyond my ability to answer. But at least I've figured it out. So for the time being, I'll have to live with less storage space in Main memory. :)
  9. Pankul, thanks for the suggestion, but I don't like that T-Mobile client. And besides, I just want what Microsoft has delivered on and that many other carriers have already implemented into their respective ROMs. I don't see what the problem is, but I have no choice but to wait. Thanks to all who replied. :)
  10. I happened to notice something recently while installing AudiblePlayer on my SDA and 2125. When the AudiblePlayer program is started, it works perfectly on both, but while the display shows all of the player's features on the 2125, it doesn't show up correctly on the SDA. It's as if the phone's resolution isn't strong enough to handle the graphics. I've noticed this with other programs from time to time, but it never really bothered me until now. Has anyone else noticed this? :)
  11. As I've patiently waited for this update, I've noticed everyone else's carriers releasing this update, but nothing from T-Mobile USA yet, unless I've missed something. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  12. But that's just it; it actually syncs fine if I do it from within Windows Media Player 10. It's only when I try to do it from ActiveSync itself that it shows that message that you see in the screenshot I've posted; I can't figure it out. Everyone keeps telling me either to upgrade to WMP 11 or to do what you've said, but that doesn't change the fact that it SHOULD work from the conduit the way it should. Oh well, I use my iPOD for music anyway, I just wanted to use it to sync movies and videl clips. Perhaps I'll just leave well enough alone. Thanks for the reply. :)
  13. I have ActiveSync v4.1; never got around to upgrading to v4.2, and from what I've heard it's not really worth it. Anyway, that's what I have.
  14. I have a T-Mobile SDA (US) and a Cingular 2125 (yeah, I know, but one's for work and one's mine, LOL!) and they both have the same "problem" with Windows Media Player 10. Whenever I select the option in ActiveSync to synchronize with Windows Media Player 10, it asks me if I would like to create a partnership, which I always select. But then nothing happens! But when I go into WMP 10 directly, I can setup and synchronize fine, even though it shows up in ActiveSync as "setup needs to be completed" Has anyone else seen this problem? If so, does anyone have a way for me to resolve it? :) Thanks! :)
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