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  1. Here are a few homescreens meant to match the E100 (red) and the E200 (blue)! :lol: The HScreens have matching menu colors etc. Mind that the colors shown on the two screenshots below are NOT 100% equal to the colors that wil be shown on the phones display, just so you know! They were chosen to look good on the phone and not as a zillion color photoshop image! :D Simple, yet useful! IMO at least. Have fun fellas. tho!! Simple HOMESCREEN (Red).rar tho!! Simple HOMESCREEN (Blue).rar BLUE.jpg RED.jpg
  2. @Brody: The hardware in the SPV/E100 and the E200 are 100% equal (except the added camera ofcuz), am I right? Then there should be no doubt as if the HW is capable of running the 2003 edition of the OS. It's more of a will-O-allow-it question IMO.
  3. Posted from my SmartPhone! Why haven't O made any commercials about the SPV at all?? I have only seen those posters outside the O shops which are easily overlooked when you walk by minding your own business. Aight, maybe it's just the danish telly that has been banned from showing the adds, I dunno (but I doubt it). In the past year I have experienced about a million incidents where peeps have been wondering about my phone... Wow what's that? Who made it? What brand? yada-yada, etc etc... and nobody has ever heard about the SPV before. Ofcuz apps like Windows doesn't have adds either, but peeps knows about their presense. Look at the "badword" :) N-Gage for example. It's getting more and more famous as each day goes by, and "all" it does is exactly the same as the smartphones, except it's got a cheap looking plastic finish and looks like a gigantic taco! Word. When are the world gonna know about the SP's? Maybe the intruduction in the States will help. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Posted from my SmartPhone! badword, this is starting to get annoying!! How f*king hard can it be to release a fix so that we're able to log in again! Damn. A few days wait is what you'd expect, but this is taking forever. I'm losing my faith in O and MS by the minute... Support and upgrades has been [way too] limited IMO. Hell, the SP has been out a year now, get yourself together MS and O, there's a lot of us out here waiting. Patience is the key I guess. Well, enough BS.
  5. th0mz

    Nokia Skin

    Nice pzee, I made that, where did you find it???
  6. th0mz

    LED Flasher

    Hey midnight! Love the flasher BUT it tends to stop working on my E100! Works for a day or two and then the LED starts flashing like every -or every other- second AND NOT when an incoming call or a message is received?!?!??!?!?! /Me is confused.
  7. th0mz

    [REQ] Mitac software

    det er en exe/dll/xml homescreen, der virker lidt "3d" agtig :shock: den skal bare lige ændres lidt og have andre menu-punkter osv for at være optimal til en ikk-mitac smartphone. men den er fed.
  8. th0mz

    [REQ] Mitac software

    Ja dte er rigtigt, men desværre jo kun en demo! Men ja det er rigtigt godt! Sorry! :)
  9. th0mz

    [REQ] Mitac homescreen

    The top screen is PhoneMenu.cab, yes.
  10. th0mz

    [REQ] Mitac software

    Ja, det var måske ikke helt klart formuleret! Men, jeg har en E100 og jeg ville gerne have noget software fra Mio'en til at installere på den! Jeg har fået homescreenen og den virker fint! :) Spillene er bare *crap* desværre! -tho.
  11. th0mz

    [REQ] Mitac software

    Er der nogle af jer der sidder inde med Mitac software (eller andre smartphones, ikke SPV) eller den originale homescreen? Så send mig lige en PM eller skriv på [email protected] På forhånd tak! -tho.
  12. I'm requesting the Mitac homescreen (original) so if any of you Mitac owners don't mind sending it to me, please PM me or drop me a note using [email protected] ! Thanks in advance! -tho.
  13. Had the same prob. just click the grab-screen button again and again [and again and again and again..] and move to the screen you want to grab a ss of. You can move to the desired screen faster than SmartSS can grab and save the shots. It's a pain in the butt but it works.
  14. th0mz

    Competition WINNERS!

    O surely must have picked me, and then trashed me again, knowing that I bought a sparkling new E100 last week! :) Congrats guys!! Lucky bastards! -tho.

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