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    mda vario II :)
  1. yep, it was posted somewhere else. then i did try, it's not gonna hurt if you try. though it's not actually on the vodafone website but from another seller. if i was not mistaken it was www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk, give it a shot.
  2. pros: UI is reponsive, no lagging keyboard is well designed the metal case is sturdy and nice finish tv out function is really good, not the best but good enough (adaptor/connector not in the box) tilting screen is back most of all this is my fave, straight talk is a good addition. very handy while driving *some says this got the hardware for fm radio but there's no radio app well, it is working alright, just installed the cab file and works a treat. :D cons: BATTERY LIFE (tough it's got 1500 mah) the magnet thingy of stylus from touch pro is omitted i miss the D pad from touch pro and tytn ii not too much hardware button lack of 3.5mm jack for stereo headphones i don't like the other stuffs from the box that comes with it, it looks cheap and plasticky
  3. have phoned orange bout leaving them co'z of the outrageous upgrade price of touch hd. then a cs rep told me to wait for touch pro(2 weeks ago), says that probably he can give me a good deal that time. apparently when i rang them again the next cs rep i spoke to says that Touch Pro 2 is still on testing. can't wait anymore, go to mobile phones direct last friday ported my number on vodafone and voila the next day i already have it (touch pro 2 is network unlock and using htc rom so a bonus for me). :D
  4. present device: Orange spv e650 (s710) next device: SE xperia X1 / Touch HD (fingers crossed)
  5. paul can you post some comparison between the htc touch pro's tv output? cheers mate. :D
  6. cheers mate, the looks of it is very nice. very good quality probably amongst all windows mobile device. :-)
  7. paul, can you provide some photos taken by the device. if it's not too much to ask. cheers mate.
  8. not as nice as the kaiser, but i'd rather get this one co'z of vga display and tv out. paul, how bout the performance of the inbuilt gps? cheers mate. :D
  9. @confucious same weakness as i am. that's why i got too many edited replies and posts. :rolleyes:
  10. i did maybe miss the part where it says i can't use IM, but surely it's kinda annoying. what's the use of unlimited data? i know that i can't use it on my pc but that part i miss, but still pain in the neck. and by the way my username is hunyango_uk ===>>> hunnyando_uk :P My apology, if i started a fire in this thread but my only point is why put unlimited data tariff if we can't use the IM, and come to think of it that they have the pocket msn before. and i do agree with the data tariff compares to O, there's is a big ede on T mobile. well probably someone's listening from T and can do something bout this. :rolleyes:
  11. ei markukcouk, can you please post the link where i can read the £8/month unlimited co'z i did cancel my other contract from t mobile and did move to orange. :rolleyes: cheers.
  12. well, i am using IM 2 yrs from now. and never did encounter any problem before. what's the use of having the pocket msn on my vario when i had it then. and yes it's stupidly annoying. <_<
  13. can't access most of the times my IM's (i'm using windows live messenger & IM+). the good thing about t mobile was the unlimited data tariff but what's the use of the unlimited data tariff if you can't access the service you want to use. glad that i cancel my one contract with them one to go, in few months. is there any good service around? edited!!! :rolleyes:
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