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  1. HTC Touch Diamond2 T5362 Telstra. O/S Win Mobile 6.5 Prof CE5.2 Lock Screen I also like to have the "weekday" on the Lock Screen, since I use the 'phone as my (only) watch. Using Resco Registry I first modified the Short Date format in HKLM\nls\overides SSDte to be d-MMM-yy ddd (example: 3-Mar-10 Wed). The format ordering ddd d-MMM-yy (Wed 3-Mar-10) results in the HTC Calendar failing to display appointments whereas the Microsoft Calendar is OK. Note SSDte also determines the date presentation in File Explorer; maybe there are also other side-effects. Then I edited the file \windows\lockscreen\LS_LockScene_480x800.cpr to allow room for that longer format. Note the name of the file "...Scene..." not "...Screen..." Here are the new fragments: ... <Text ID="TimeText" Width="244" ... ...<Text ID="AMPMText" Left="256" Width="224" ... ...<Text ID="DateText" Left="256" Top="33" Width="224" ... I haven't edited \windows\lockscreen\LS_LockScene_800x480.cpr Thanks to TheDrizzle for a lead and to sector for vital info.
  2. This is a continuation of this thread: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/269830/...eekday/page/20/ HTC Touch Diamond2 T5362 Telstra. O/S Win Mobile 6.5 Prof CE5.2 Thanks to HolyFox. The file 590ad244_manila on this 'phone has some additional entries to the Diamond[1] file HolyFox provided. However following HolyFox's example I was able to copy & edit the 'phone's file manually (re-instating correct file properties using Resco File Explorer) as per this fragment: <trans-unit id="IDS_DATEFORMAT"> <source>d-MMM-yy ddd</source> </trans-unit>
  3. Google Maps Mobile Version "My Location" works OK on BenQ E72 without GPS using (Vodafone NZ) cell site triangulation, as well as with Bluetooth GPS. Earlier versions did not provide "My Location" for me without GPS.
  4. For a hint of a possible workaround see GH's comment of October 21, 2007 - 4:37am in Werner Ruotsalainen's A subtle difference between WM6 and previous OS versions:
  5. BenQ E72 [smartphone] Win Mobile 6 Standard CE OS 5.2.1620 (Build 18125.0.4.2) I cannot find where to set "CSD Line Type Settings". GPRS is not always available, so for access to e-mail on laptop via BT to E72, I want to be able to use CSD where necessary. Because DUN has been removed from Win Mobile 5/6: http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archiv...etooth-dun.aspx the official method is to use BT PAN/Internet Connection Sharing and for dial-up to use Start > System Tools > Internet Sharing > Menu > Connection Settings > Dial-up or Settings > Connections > Dial-up [note not DUN]. The Dial-up menu for a connection allows one to specify ISP's 'phone number etc, but does not seem to offer any access to "CSD Line Type Settings", that is, where one may specify V.32/V.110, non-transparent/transparent, speed. I have been able to achieve a connection via dial-up to our ISP, but the connection is extremely fragile (unworkable mostly) and I suspect the (default) CSD Line Type Settings are not suitable. Has access to "CSD Line Type Settings" been removed or disabled on the E72 by BenQ? Is there any other way of accessing these settings? Are they somewhere in the Registry? For example is it possible to enter the appropriate AT+CBST initialisation commands? Werner Ruotsalainen's workaround http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blogs/3/o...the_year_dial_u may be another solution, but it involves adding unofficial software to the 'phone.
  6. Thank you cdogg2000. I noticed http://www.quickmark.com.tw/en/basic/download.asp had a newer release (3.6R) for QuickMark than the 3.5 pre-installed on my E72. However 3.6R would not install (upgrade I hope) until after I had run the unlocks you provided.
  7. lapimate

    Benq E72

    How about making one up using the miniUSB from the headphone cable provided w. the E72, and a 3.5mm jack. Solder the wires, insulate, cover w. self-amalgamating stretchy synth. rubber, then finish with heat-shrink tubing cover.
  8. lapimate

    Benq E72

    See http://benq-e72.blogspot.com/
  9. Can anyone confirm the charger connections? The plug-pack has a diagram showing pin5 -, pin1 +[5V]. Are there any other pins connected? For example is pin4 connected to pin5 (or earthed) like the i-mate SP3 which used that to determine whether it was plugged into a charger or a USB port? I have tried to determine with an ohmmeter & voltmeter, but the plug is hard to access with confidence that the intended pins are in contact. I have tried plugging in both an "ordinary" USB 5V supply, and to an i-mate SP3 5V supply. In both cases the E72 charging icon appears so presumably OK, but on the other hand the socket is also used for headset connection, so one does not want to short-circuit that circuitry.
  10. lapimate

    Benq E72

    Yes, sub-forum please.
  11. I ordered from Expansys UK, since not listed up here (Expansys NZ/Aus). They quoted the usual hefty air-freight from the UK Stg21.95, but in fact it was shipped from Australia to NZ for about Stg13.00 air-freight. One issue so far: the E72 has Fizz Traveler 2.4BQ (21) pre-installed which does not seem to include the current NZ daylight saving rules (announced Apr 2007). The current version Fizz Traveler 3.02 does not seem to have the updated rule either, but anyway according to the manual it is not possible to remove pre-installed software from the E72 (why not?) so even if there were a correct version of Fizz Traveler , it would be necessary to add it, rather than replace it! I have turned on the cellsite identification channel (50); to see it one has to scroll the home screen down.
  12. http://blogs.msdn.com/windowsmobile/archiv...etooth-dun.aspx? said: "... We will bring Bluetooth DUN back by default in a future WM6 AKU release. Keep in mind that OEMs and operators still have the final say whether DUN will end up on a specific device. ..."
  13. Above you mention "Standard Modem over BlueTooth link". Does not ActiveSync use a "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link" port (found under DM>Ports), not a "modem" port? (An "Incoming" port from the PC's point-of-view.) Here's a related reference: What to check if Bluetooth COM ports are not in the COM1 through COM9 range and ActiveSync can't see them http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?Forum...amp;TopicId=422 And a some more general references: The Geekzone Bluetooth Guides http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid=449
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