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  1. AlexJ

    SMS transfer

    any other solutions?
  2. Hello. I now have an Orange SPV C500 . But i want to buy a C100...It's not a problem transfering the contacts, but i want to know how can i save the SMSs ?They are important to me thanks
  3. Hello! Anyone know where i can get some themes for caller id? (pit files) I have an SPV C500 (windows mobile 2003 se) Thanks.
  4. I need a program to backup my messages..i want to reset the os and outlook doesn't back them up Know a good program that does this? thx
  5. Someone sent me an MMS...but when i open it "One or more of the message components have been deleted by MMS Adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components ware unsuitable for your terminal" Can i do anything to rescue this message..it's very important to me
  6. never mind that...now if you know some sites where i can find some cool templates...
  7. Can i add new templates for caller id photos? the default are kind of lame... thx
  8. Does anyone know what kind oj java games work on my SPV C500 and where to get some? i tried some for nokia but didn't work

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