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  1. hi all i just bought an x2 two days ago and i've had about 10 lockups until now where i needed to remove the battery.. i haven't touched my firmware yet so this is all out of the box with lg's orginial firmware version v10c, kernel 2.6.32, build FRG83G which according to lg's update tool is still the most recent version for my phone.. so to me this seems to be an lg firmware related problem. i'll carefully watch this thread while keeping my phone on stock firmware for now in case you need me to test or look up anything on it. cheers pascal
  2. i paired a bluetooth keyboard (a logitec di novo with mouspad) with my galaxy one yesterday and surprisingly it even showed a mouse cursor on the screen so i could use it like a normal laptop. pretty cool :P this raised an idea: if i could find a good text editor with syntax highlighting, auto tabbing etc. to edit php scripts and html code i could easily live without a laptop during my vacations as this would cover my immediate needs and allow me to help my customers from my galaxy tab. ideally the text editor should also support to open a file directly through ftp or even sftp. does such a thing exist? i searched the marked for "php edit" and found an app which prettymuch sucks .. actually i have no clue why it is supposed to be a php editor besides the fact that it offers soft-buttons covering often used signs like []{} etc. but it has no syntax highlighting, it can't automatically indent and so on. any ideas? my backup plan is to use an ssh terminal software and just keep editing my files from a linux server with nano or so but it would be more comfortable (that's my personal opinion) to have a native app doing this directly inside the nice gui. cheers pascal
  3. thanks for that clarification. i can't say firsthand if the ipad supports bluetooth dun or not, a friend of mine told me it did but he sometimes tells a lot of things :P still sad to hear it doesn't work between two android devices.. but i guess with the speeds of modern 3g networks bluetooth is quite obsolete, that might be the reason why this is not supported anymore. cheers pascal
  4. Hi I just bought my galaxy tab yesterday and it really is nice! however, i don't want to insert a sim card with another contract on it just to go online from time to time when i don't have a wifi connection near me. I have a nexus one with the desire rom installed which is my primary phone and it has a unlimited data and voice plan on it. i know i could start wifi tethering and allow my galaxy tab to use this connection, but this means, that i have to start wifi tether whenever i want to go online with my galaxy tab. it would be much more conveniant if i could enable bluetooth on my phone and then connect with my galaxy tab through a bluetooth DUN or PAN connection. this way i don't need to touch my phone and my galaxy tab is always online as soon as i am near it. is this somehow possible? ( i think the ipad does exactly that to go online if you don't have a sim card inserted) cheers pascal
  5. hi just baked and installed this version and found out that neither usb tethering nor wifi tethering is acutally working.. did a wipe before install, so it should be okay.. anyone else has the same problem? i found out that when i keep the "channel" setting to "auto" i can't switch on or off either wifi tethering or usb tethering. as soon as i select a fixed channel however i can turn it on (either of them) but my notebook sees no new wifi network or when i switch on the usb tethering after plugging in the cable dmesg doesn't show any action at all.. with the old r21 it all worked with those two apps you had included..
  6. i've noticed something else.. the main reason why i was o keen on getting this was openvpn. however it didn't really work out of the box. when i started openvpn --config myconfig.ovpn it connected but then it wanted to setup some stuff with ifconfig and set some routes with route and it always wanted to execute /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig and /system/xbin/bb/route but there is no /system/xbin/bb directory there.. to resolve this issue as a quick fix i simply created a symlink in the xbin directory which points to the current directory: cd /system/xbin ln -s ./ bb since i did that it finds all its tools and openvpn works like a charm :)
  7. i wiped it in the meantime and re-installed the image i've downloaded and i had no google apps at all in the image.. allthough i am absolutely certain i selected them all. so i baked a new image and now it seems to work and i have the market back again on my clean wiped phone.. do you want me to downgrade to the old firmware to then try the upgrade again? cheers Pascal
  8. i couldn't help trying something out.. i opened vending.apk with a file-explorer on the phone. it then wanted to upgrade the previously installed vending application with the new one but failed. i then went to settings --> manage applications and uninstalled com.android.vending and tried again.. now it just tells me it wants to install and then it fails and shows "Application not installed" i also uninstalled the vending.updater and this didn't help either..
  9. i came from a previously baked version from another baker here :) ... unfortunately i don't remember the verison anymore but here is what i can find in the build.prop file in the zip file that contained the previously installed rom: i did not wipe and yes, i can see see /system/app/Vending.apk via ADB hope this helps
  10. what happened to the market? i don't have a market application anymore ... (i left all the default checks on, so basically i installed every optional component) cheers pascal
  11. hi there has anyone already found all the necessary libraries and modules to install tunneldroid (and with it the tun module and openvpn) on the nexus one? i tried with the binary files downloaded from the tunneldroid sourceforge page and with the tun.ko interface from the android-vpnc project but it seems that these binaries are not the right format to use with the custom rom from modaco. any help would be appreciated. cheers pascal
  12. never mind, after the joystick stopped working at all (down and right, the other two directions still worked) i was able to give the phone back to the seller. very kind guy took it back and gave me all my money back as well. so i don't need a joystick anymore :lol: thanks for your reply anyway. cheers pascal
  13. hi i've just got a used spv e200 and i figured out my joystick is probably broken. it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. now since this phone is rather old, it doesn't have any warranty anymore and i guess having orange replace the joystick will probably cost more than the phone itself. so i opened the case and took a look at the joystick. unfortunately it's all soldered to the board, so i can't jsut clean it out and put it back together. has anyone an idea where i can get this little joystick (any electrical part store) to solder the old one out and put the new one in? i guess this won't be so much of a problem since it seems to be just stuck ontop of the board which makes it easy to replace. (and yes, i do have a small iron to work on tiny parts :lol: ) here is a picture of the knob i want to replace:
  14. thanks for your guide on how to take that thing apart. just bought a used e200 with a bad joystick and wanted to clean the contacts (unfortunately the joystick is soldered to the board, so there really is nothing to clean..) anyway... i wanted to add an idea on how to open the case with out visible damage: instead of pushing the scredriver in between of the two sides from the outside, i opened it from the inside of the sim-card slot. just be careful not to harm the mainboard :lol: and push the scredriver from the sim-card holder towards the outside of the phone (there is only a thin wall) and carfulley crack it open. really worked fine for me. oh and guess where i'm from (that's a swiss army knife :()
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