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  1. Pandemonium

    HTCmail FINALLY available!

    Paul, that Sherweb looks interesting. I'm using 1&1 at the moment and might look at Sherweb when my 6 months free Exchange hosting is up. Looks good for that price and Exchange 2007 too. Is setting up a matter of pointing the domain's MX settings to Sherweb's MX servers? What's the speed and reliability like?
  2. I have had Bluetooth suddenly dropping out a few times, but call remained connected. Not sure if it's the same issue. Also sometimes the unit just will not recognise my Bluetooth headset and I have to perform a reset.
  3. Pandemonium

    Puzzle Bobble for Windows Mobile?

    That's exactly the game. I didn't know about the alternative name. Will give the emulator a look.
  4. Pandemonium

    Puzzle Bobble for Windows Mobile?

    Thanks, but none seem to say compatible with Windows Mobile 6 though.
  5. Hi everyone. I own a HTC Tytn II and am trying to track down a game called Puzzle Bobble that will run on Windows Mobile. Does anyone know if it exists? There's also a clone called Frozen Bubble which would be just as welcome. I've found Frozen Bubble for Symbian and Bubble Bobble for Palm, but nothing for Windows Mobile/PocketPC. Can anyone help?
  6. I asked DeviceWire (apparently the official HTC distributor here) about the 20-key Touch at the "Best of Stuff" show a few weeks ago in Hammersmith. The guy I spoke to said that it was a prototype that was sent out for review by mistake and would be unlikely to be launched. He referred to it as the Touch Slide, and he had a unit there that I had a play with. On another note, I managed to totally freeze up a Touch Dual after a few minutes of playing around with it.
  7. Pandemonium

    Office Mobile 6.1 Upgrade Available

    How do you tell the version of the current version installed? The version on my recently purchased Tytn II already supports .DOCX files?
  8. Pandemonium

    Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    I don't seem to have a tray anymore and I can't get it back. No quicklaunch icons either - can't get them working!
  9. Pandemonium

    Official T-mobile WM6 download live?

    Okay, I've just installed it. Works fine, and is pretty snappy. I don't see many of the T-Mobile modifications though. After installation, the theme was the standard WM6 theme. The connection manager didn't have any T-Mobile theming on it, though the phone application had a pink button on it. Also, the toolbar ([email protected] maybe?) isn't showing at all, and I can't get it to show. I've done a soft reset, and still no go.
  10. Pandemonium

    problem with http links

    Hey, thanks for that! Just uninstalled Opera and I can open links again! Do you know if I install it on the memory card, but not select it as default browser will I get this problem? I couldn't find anywhere to change default browser status.
  11. Pandemonium

    OpenDNS London servers now online

    I've tried these servers on my home broadband connection, but for some reason it slowed down the connection to my email provider's Exchange server - took over a minute to prompt me for a password. Have just set the servers up on my Vario II though and speeds are pretty good (not connected to this, but for the first time I'm connected on 3G at my workplace - T-Mobile seems to be expanding their 3G network quickly around here).
  12. Pandemonium

    Paul's must have FREE Hermes software

    I use the one from SPB: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/gprsmonitor/?en
  13. Pandemonium

    TomTom for Vario II

    Anyone know if the Nokia LD-1W GPS receiver will work with Vario II and TomTom 6? I've used the GPS receiver for Wayfinder on the Vario II, but I'm hoping to get the software + maps only package of TomTom 6 and save a bit of cash. I've also got an original TomTom Bluetooth receiver used with TomTom 4. Will this work if the Nokia unit doesn't?
  14. Is there a way of changing the location of "My Documents" in Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC? I have a 1GB memory card and would like to save all my docuements on there and for applications to default to looking on the memory card first. Also it means that any files I have on the memory card are not synced with my PC when I connect up the USB cable. Any help appreciated. Phil.
  15. Pandemonium

    Using a non T-Mobile HTTP proxy

    Thought I'd give the proxy a try today, but I keep on getting asked for username and password? Isn't the username "plus" and password "proxy" still?

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