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  1. Hey. I have a Qtek S110. It works perfect, except i have encountered a bug that suddenly appeared. The SMS-part of my phone doesnt work properly. I run iPhone-theme, so it says "New SMS': 5" and when I get a new SMS (tried sending one from my other phone), it does indeed go up to "New SMS': 6". But when I open the inbox, there is none. And it doesn't want to send from my outbox either. I am sure I haven't touched anything, and i am also looking at my SMS-box and not MMS or e-mail. I am using a danish company called Sonofon for my phone. Any help, please! And when I send an SMS, it says "No matching entry was found for (the number). Would you like to continue?" And if i press Yes, it says "Outlook E-mail, IMAP4, and POP3-email accounts cannot be used to send text messages. Tap the double arrow next to the subject field from the Account list, select Text Messages." There is 2 "Text messages", I can select, and a 2 "Outlook e-mail". When I select the first text-message it says that "No matching entry was found..." and if i select the latter text-message-option, it comes with no error and puts the SMS in the outbox. But it doesn't send the SMS. What should I do?
  2. Hello. I got myself a Qtek S110, but it could probably use a newer ROM-firmware. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so what do you recommend? :rolleyes: Btw, do anybody have a list of usefull tweaks for it?
  3. Hello. I need a new phone, since I have been phone-less for a year now (last phone was SPV C500). I need to take the train 1+ hour every day, so I would like some good gaming possibilities. I saw that the Pocket PC's have all kinds of games, like Warcraft 2, Age of Empires, Flux Challenge, Call of Duty, Quake, Tomb Raider, Worms etc. How are those games? How do you play them? With the stylus or how (and can you navigate around in Windows with just your fingers?)? Are they any fun? Any good suggestions for a small, handy, fast Pocket PC (with no QWERTY)? Would a Smartphone be better to play games on?
  4. Hello. I am thinking about either picking up an used Qtek 8310 or a Qtek 8600 to entertain me, because I have to take the train 1+ hour every day. I heard it had 300 MHz, so I was wondering - how is it in gaming compared to the other smartphones? Like Quake, Flux Challenge and such. I had a Qtek 8010 once a year ago, and it kinda sucked at gaming sadly. You couldn't press two buttons at the same time (is that fixed? is it a problem?) and the joypad didn't work to well. Oh, and how are the batteries? Do they last long? What do you think I should buy? The 8310 costs 150€ and the 8600 is 230€? Or any other suggestions?
  5. Hejsa. Min gamle SPV C500 døde ud for snart et år siden pga noget rod med WM5 (det får man ud af at rode med sådan noget :P), og har været uden mobil i al den tid. Men nu er det tid til at få en ny. Jeg skal bruge den til at spille gode spil på, sende sms'er, ringe, høre musik og tage billeder og rode med. Men jeg har lidt problemer; Skal det være Symbian eller Windows? For/imod? Hvilken model skal jeg have? Den må gerne være pæn og have godt batteri, og specialt skal den have et godt joypad (C500's suttede). Jeg har kigget på Qtek 8500. Den er rigtig billig (2000 kr), men læste den havde dårlig forbindelse og dårligt batteri. Har også kigget på Qtek 8310. Den ser også rigtig god ud, dog koster den dog 3000 kr. Er den samme størrelse som C500? Bare kom med input, alt det I vil. Mange tak. :rolleyes:
  6. Hello. What is the smallest and thinnest cellphone? Any guesses?
  7. Hello. I have WM5 now, but i hate it so-god-damn-much. I want to get WM2003SE back, but i only have ActiveSync 4.1 and my MiniUSB-stick. What should i do in order to get it back? Please help me.
  8. Hello. Do anybody know how to get Danish T9, when you write SMS's etc on a Windows Mobile 5 SPV C500?
  9. You can still call emergency numbers, even then the lock is on. Just type in the number, and press the green Call-button. Like "112".
  10. Heroes of Might and Magic is a game i would love to see :o
  11. http://mobile-review.com/pda/review/htc-to...stlook-en.shtml Well, isn't this the first look of the SPV C600 or am i completely wrong?
  12. Help me with my keybindings, please.
  13. http://www.modaco.com/C500_keypress_issues...ed-t113971.html But there, it stands, that it works fine before the update. Now what update is it, it worked fine with? Where do i download it?
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