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  1. Xbox.com lets you update the Bio information for a Gamertag. I posted a quick description for the site on the profile. You can check it out here. Feedback welcome!
  2. I created a group list named "MoDaCo" for us to use. I sent friend requests to everyone on this list. Accept it and you'll be able to view everyone else's gamertags using the new "Friend of Friend" feature of the Dashboard! New members (after this post) should click here to send a friend invite to the group list.
  3. Win2K3 Server SP1 does not include the MS SD Card drivers (these are in XP SP2 only). It's likely that the application won't work under SP1 if it requires this driver.
  4. I'm not sure if you broke the battery, however I can tell you I can go at least a day with moderate bluetooth and EDGE/GPRS usage without a problem. 2 days is a bit of a stretch, though.
  5. Wow, that's very strange. Only thing I can think of is to un-install and re-install the demo.
  6. The full version worked fine on my T-Mobile US SDA. What specifically didn't work for you?
  7. Umm... didn't this answer your question already?
  8. You'd have to run it every time you use the phone. Check out TornadoPowerControl as an automated way to do this.
  9. Desktop notifications do not appear, that's true. FWIW, you can use the "Unread Mail" folder view in Outlook 2003 to view unread messages from all folders, though. I have a custom view created which sorts by "In Folder" (Outlook field name) and then by "Conversation Topic" which I use in the Unread Mail folder to view everything without losing the source folder. Still no notification, but at least you see everything without digging through lots of sub-folders.
  10. There are a couple of free programs that address these issues. It's disappointing that no one else mentioned these great utilities! And did I mention they're free? Maniac's Automatic Keylock does just that, with a number of handy options (including disabling keylock for certain applications or profiles). He also has a Cell Profile Switcher which allows you to change your profile based on the cell sites your phone sees on his page. TornadoPowerControl allows you to control the brightness of your phone (toggle dim/bright settings). It has the added benefit of being able to run programs automatically when the phone goes idle or active. The main use of this is to under/overclock the phone with OmapClock during these transitions. Underclocking saves battery life and overclocking gives better performance, in case you're not familiar with the terms. Enjoy!
  11. That's unfortunate, and a bit strange. MS mentioned in their whitepapers that there would be extra load on the Exchange server with MSFP due to it checking all the subfolders for new mail instead of just Inbox. Maybe the server does notify your device of new mail in subfolders, but the Messaging (Inbox) application in WM5 doesn't check the subfolders to actually notify YOU? If so, that's an annoying oversight.
  12. I've posted in several forums about this exact issue. While no one seems certain, it's safe to say at this point that SMS notifications are not supported. You have to manually download the mail for Hotmail. Seems silly to me, given PocketMSN is already on the device. If T-Mobile in the US can do it with their devices, why can MS? My guess is they don't want Hotmail competing with Exchange (which has the SMS notification). And I don't think the "download automatically" does much. It's supposed to periodically sync with Hotmail. I've seen it do that, but only very sporadically.
  13. I won an HP Media Center PC from Microsoft at an event. It sits in my office and I use my Xbox 360 in the living room as an extender. I don't have my WM phone or PDA setup to ActiveSync with it at the moment, though. There are almost no occasions where I need to use one of those devices instead of a better display (TV, monitor, whatever).
  14. I am experiencing many times where AutoFlight fails to update the profile. A post from MoDaCo *here* details how you can use a command-line program to change the profiles on the Smartphone. Additionally, the reboot function in AutoFlight has never rebooted my phone.
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