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  1. Did the hard reset work for you? I am experiencing Bluetooth problems on my Qtek 8310 and another member said that a hard reset did not fix the problem on their C600. In my case, I can no longer connect to anything via Bluetooth and even a USB connection to Activesync does not work. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have the same problem with my Qtek 8310 with the addition of no longer being able to connect to anything via Bluetooth. Bluetooth will turn on, but Activesync won't connect and my headset will no longer connect either! Has anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it? My date/time also resets when I remove the battery.
  3. Can someone please post the zip file or upload it somewhere and provide the link? I believe my supplier was also a Sound Solutions distributor. Thanks!
  4. Can the A2DP package be installed without upgrading the ROM? Should I choose to upgrade the ROM, will Sprite back-up my phone's original ROM should I want to revert to the old ROM after I upgrade? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have a clue as to when the QTEK ROM will come out? If it isn't even on the horizon, can I use the i-mate ROM? Also, if the i-mate ROM screws up my device, can I use Sprite Backup to restore the original QTEK ROM? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the help!
  6. Sorry, I guess I thought it might be in the release notes.
  7. Does the newer German ROM have the e-mail push feature? Also, is A2DP included? Thanks.
  8. I sent mine in to Audiovox a few weeks after purchase. They cleaned it and sure enough within the same week that I received it "clean" it became dusty again. I called them again only to have them tell me they are aware of the problem and are working on a permanent solution. I feel as though the rep. only said that to get me off the phone. Do you think we could contact HTC and have them repair our handsets instead of going through Audiovox? Does anyone have any contact info for HTC? Thanks.
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