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  1. Ive used sp task manager and I didnt like that it recognized applications like "contacts" and "camera" as windows system apps. It seems like any non-3rd party application is deemed a system app in sp task manager, and wont close when you select "close all non-system apps"
  2. Excellent job!! I love the setup with everything being invisible until its selected. I would love to see recent used icon group, and maybe a resource monitor. Nice work!
  3. New installer is corrupt. Where can I download the old one? If anyone has a workng copy of the installer please post it =)
  4. I am also having problems with RJ Tasks. I have installed, restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled. It just wont show up. I am using win mobile 2003 with smt5600. too bad, this is the best homescreen Ive ever seen. I would also like to see a version with recent tasks.
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