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  1. Say a prayer for me when you're down there! I am also looking at the Galaxy S for my missus and can't decide whether to or not. She likes my Desire but having 2 Desires may get confusing unless I get her a nice pink gel case for it. -valerebel
  2. Do you know which version of CoPilot will work with Froyo? Cheers -valerebel
  3. So if you've already got an unlocked HTC Desire and you flash the radio, are you saying that you can inadvertently network lock the phone? If this is true, which radio update should you avoid? -valerebel
  4. Paul Do you mean "Do not to install this Radio update if you use the Orange network" or "Do not install this Radio update if your Desire is an Orange branded phone"? I have got what I believe is a generic HTC Desire from e2Save (CPW) and it was supplied unlocked. Cheers -valerebel
  5. Guys I am looking for a decent screen protector that: 1. is easy to put on 2. little or no air bubbles 3. does not affect the light sensor 4. does not affect the proximity sensor Can anybody recommend one that fits the bill? Ebay or otherwise is fine. Also I have been looking at gel/rubber cases to protect my Desire, any recommendations there also? Cheers -valerebel
  6. How do I tell what HBOOT version I have? Cheers -valerebel
  7. Hi guys I am thinking of getting a Desire on Orange via e2save which should mean that I get an unlocked generic handset since they're part of CPW and I would like to know if I can install my non-Marketplace .APKs on an unrooted phone. Someone told me that you can using Astro but I would appreciate confirmation before I go ahead and order one. Initially I do not want to void my warranty by modding the phone/rom and just leave it as stock but I would like to use my existing apps. Cheers -valerebel
  8. Thanks, I had a feeling that it wouldn't be in vain. I downloaded the file, renamed it update.zip and I now have the Amon RA v1.6.2 recovery image installed Great stuff! Cheers -valerebel
  9. I am contemplating upgrading my recovery image from v1.5.2 to v1.6.2 Is there any particular reason why I should not do this? I am running r4 build3 and I thought that it would be a good idea to update the recovery rom. If I do, will I need to reflash the MoDaCo ROM? Any advice welcome. Cheers chaps. -valerebel
  10. Just tried that and I got "Error : Run 'wipe ext' via adb!" valerebel
  11. Although I wiped the phone, I did not wipe the SD card. So is it best to re-flash and wipe the SD card too? If so, what exactly do I need to do to the SD card? Thanks. valerebel
  12. Hi Dan Well I bit the bullet about an hour ago and installed R4 Build 3 and I must say that I am impressed. I was running MCR3.1 and it seems more responsive but I am yet to come across any issues and I have been playing non stop since. I'll report back with my findings tomorrow. valerebel
  13. Because it's a Work In Progress and not a full release! But I must admit that I am tempted if MCR4 based on the Euro version does not appear soon. valerebel
  14. @Paul Can you confirm when MCR4 will be released for us eager Hero owners? I'd rather wait for the version based on the 2.1 Euro release, so I am guessing that is what you are waiting for too. Regards valerebel
  15. Quoting Paul "A 'wipe' is MANDATORY when installing this ROM if you are coming from pre MCR 1.2 or a stock 1.x ROM, and you MUST do this BEFORE applying the update zip (as the update zip puts files on the data partition)! I also recommend you install the latest radio from my 'update zips' topic if you have not done so. Please note that first boot may take a little while, especially if you have a lot of apps on your A2SD partition. Be patient! If you want a real clean start or you have issues with your existing A2SD installed apps when you boot, you need to wipe your EXT3 partition on SD too by executing 'adb shell rm -r /system/sd/app', 'adb shell rm -r /system/sd/app-private' and 'adb shell reboot' The ROM is in an update.zip format for installation via the custom recovery image, I also strongly recommend installing the latest radio ( at time of writing). As always, do a Nandroid backup before you do anything... just in case!" Good luck valerebel
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