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  1. I tried the spv services and after transferring cert cab file and installing onto phone. I ran spv services exe and there is a warming RAPI INIT FAILED. RAPI INIT TIMEOUT. ROm editing tools unavailable IF anyone could help please tell me.
  2. Hey i got my phone application unlocked but i want to simlock as id idnt know the difference >.>. I would hope u kind ppl had a way to do it. As i really need to unlock my phone (abroad). Please help!! >.
  3. hey wht i did is transfered regedit and changed the two hk things to 1 then 40. But when i restart it, IT ASKED FOR SIMCODE? wht do i do? ALSO I REGISTERED MYSELF ON THT ORANGE SITE so my imei number was int heir database. But when disabling certificate security i didnt get that message syaing it unlocked the phone. PLEASE HELP!
  4. so do u guys think the replacement is necessary? or is my viewing of the battery life typical for all spv c550. and that the battery is suppose to run down when playing vids and music quite quickly???
  5. @[email protected] so really they both arent faulty? buit can u guys help? play a video say 2-5 mins and tell me does your battery go down? Or is the battery suppose to fall down like [email protected][email protected]??? I'll give u information that when i leave my phone it seems to stay the same battery throughout. @[email protected]
  6. sorry bout the double post i thought it didnt go through... Page its not that. i set them both to 30 secs. However whenever i watched a video or listen to music it was going down 1%. Just in: my second handset is faulty too. They are gonna deliver A 3RD ONE. The battery was being zapped just watching a 4 min vid. So every video was worth 2% of my battery life. can u guys get to 87% in just 35 mins? Hope this 3rd one bleedin be good.
  7. yeah i i got my c550 replaced it seems to still charge up to 99% but heck when i play videos or music on it, its staying at 99% @[email protected] Unlike the other one which went down everytime i played anything.
  8. Oh boy!!! it really!....didnt come.... damnit they said it would arrive on saturday between 9am to 6pm nothing showed up... i sent an email but i doubt that will ever be answere i sent few emails b4 not one was replied... I gues sill have to phone them on monday...
  9. well the bar went to 3 after 2 hrs which tells me comparing it with all your spvc550s mines faulty i guess. So i phoned onestophponeshop and they said they will send a new headset and would pick up my faulty spv so thats pretty helpful coming the next day. *Crosses fingers* hope this one isnt faulty or any other problems... otherwise a 3rd headset is needed...
  10. no im using the battery monitor on this site. Hey its been 1 hr since the last charge and its 83% but i think its staying there solidly. but can all of u charge up to 100%? ;_; come back its 80%. Hey cana ny of u answer me... is this bad? is this happening on your c550?
  11. when you play video or music do any of you lose 2% straight away? i fully charged it last night and quickly listened to music for 1 min then watch a vid for 4 mins then it went from 99 to 97. OMG i just checked now its 95.... ITS LIKE IM LOSING 2% EVERY 5 MINS. Alrite i came back and the theory on my c550 is whenever i use it...... i lose like 2% everytime... Plus only charging up to 99% could my battery be faulty?
  12. is it me but whenever u fully charged it only goes up to 99% or is it my taiwan" made battery?!!!!
  13. HEy i recieved my c550 today abnd i found something strange... when it came the battery had the exlamation mark stating its low then after a 5 min charge it was 100% ( maybe it was already fully charged?) anyway when i played with the phone taking several pictures listening to music... the battery bar didnt go down but on the power management it had gone down to 75% after 4 hrs. Now i wanted to put it back to the charger to make sure it has a full charge but when i did and came back 2 mins later its back to 100%????? So strange anyone help? like in the above the display stuff aint on never also i wasnt using gprs only activesynced about 9 times, watched videos and music for 30 mins and took pics for maybe 20 mins?
  14. HEy i am planning to buy a c550 but there are so many plans... and i wanted to know which was the cheapest having under between 100-1000 free minutes? I dont want the deal to cost over 180£ but there ar emany and wanted to ask your experts which one you would recommend. So i didnt want to just buy the c550 when i knew i could of got a cheaper deal... PLEASE HELP!
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