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  1. Okay, It worked. I tried it again and it worked perfectly (with both firewalls on) I can only assume the site was down the first few times I tried it. I am now happily using my unlocked SPV C500 Once I get my new phone back I'll be interested in updating the firmware now.
  2. I need a backup phone and tried to unlock my C500 with this software. I just get a screen saying "Action cancelled". Is the software no longer functional?
  3. No worries, looking back now it looks like I clicked on Search Topic :oops: which explains a lot. :D :?: Out of curiousity if you found '8 pages' why do you refer to the 'first 10' ? Sorry but my mum was an english teacher and is always picking up any errors I make (like all mums). :lol:
  4. Thanks martin! :( and btw drblow, I did use the forum search facility, I obviously did a crappy job of it. :oops: I knew the question must have been asked before. :roll: I was just expecting someone to forward me to another post or thread etc.
  5. :?: What's the easiest way to make a homescreen for the SPV C500? There are lots out there but I want to make myself a nice 'all I need to know' simple homescreen. :( 1. What software do I need? 2. Is there a WYSIWYG version out there? 3. Do I need to install that annoying .NET crap? 4. Where do upload to when I'm done so everyone can take the piss? :lol: Thank you all.
  6. Ahh thank you :lol: , I thought you were talking about pairing with another phone which seems odd. :?: btw does anyone know how to change the brightness/contrast on this thing? It's way too bright. Also getting rid of that bloody flashing led would be a bonus, I wouldn't mind if it was to notify of missed call/SMS but it just goes green-blue all f-ing day!!!!!!! :evil: Thanks again people.
  7. SPV C500 Newbie (3days) How can I send files via Bluetooth :?: I only have File Manager v1.3 'Send via Infrared' only brings up the ability to beam, this is no good for people who are not stood next to me. I can recieve file no problem from any one. It's frustrating. :cry:
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