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  1. Thanks for your response... will start twisting... :-) Cheerz
  2. I searched the forum and couldnt seem to see any1 else with my problem. I recently updated my e200 from (I think) which came on the phone to the latest orange version. It was supposed to give better battery life and sound quality. I cant really comment on the battery life as I have mine charging a lot of the time anywayz but the sound quality (especially in call) is a lot WORSE now. Everything seems quieter and when I am in call, people sound "distant". This is the least of my worries. Now, since the update, my SMS has gone crazy. When I am typing in a message, if I press the key '4' twice it sometimes goes into some mad repeat mode (Only when on T9) where it keeps repeating until it reaches the end of the line and then stops (doesnt wrap). I do not believe it is the key since it only does it when writing a new SMS and even then not all the time and if the key was stuck it should repeat and wrap at the end and continue...) Has any1 else had this problem? Could it be that the update went wrong somehow?!?!? I have tried hard-resetting the phone but it doesnt sort it out. My phone never did this before the update and I wish I had stayed on original firmware version now. Is there a way to get my firmware version back?!?! or another firmware (DK? or sommat) which I could use which is better? Cheerz Frijj2k :oops:
  3. RAM Doublers dynamically compress/de-compress the data on the fly thus effectively doubling your ram. The downside is that the compression requires CPU cycles which makes your computer (or phone in out case run slower than usuall). This doesnt matter on a fast PC (Although ram is that cheap now theres no need to run such apps) but on the SPV I can see it making an already slow phone slower. Other available ram increasing programs dont even compress the data but instead just defragment the memory and remove any unused processes. As for using the SD card and virtual memory. It would be too slow I believe but coulbe be used as clipboard storage space or for virtual memory in programs that do need to page a lot to disk (or SD) and dont have to do it very often. Dave :wink:
  4. Do you know off-hand of any GNU GPL MP3 decoders/players for WinCE? I think i might have to go down another route...
  5. Isnt that the output sample rate you are talkign about. The bitrate of an MP3 cannot be changed (unless you use software to re-encode it in another bitrate). There are variable bitrate MP3's (VBR) which are encoded in different bitrate throughout the song to make the file smaller but you cannot change the bitrate on the fly. Sample rate yeah... but I have already downed it to 22050 Hz (half CD quality) and the phone is... Almost usable.. still slow. I might have to look for another MP3 decoding library that I can use as the FMOD implementation seems to have too much overhead. Will keep you posted! Dave :shock:
  6. Guh!!! Just a quick update on how things are going... MP3's are playing... At first they skipped a lot but I have tweaked the pre-buffer size and now they play without a glitch. BUT.... The CPU usage is high!!! The phone has become almost unusable. I hope to get this problem resolved soon. Dave :x
  7. simonastro... The Smartphone SDK help says if your Smartphone2002 has enhanced audio then it is: else it is... Theres some other information in the help. Do a search for: audio hardware required elements I think the OrangeSPV does have enhanced audio. I'm pretty sure that I have read somewhere that it supports recording upto 44.1 KHz but will not do 48 KHz. (Dont quote me on that!) madukrainian Prob not... I havnt looked at ASX before but will keep it in mind. Dave
  8. Well.. most people prob wont but there are some good XM/IT files out there which are a lot smaller than MP3 and sound pretty good. But when it supports MP3/MP2/OGG/WAV in next release it will become a generic audio player like WinAmp (Which plays MOD/XM/S3M etc...). Dunno... wanna implement the playlist, skins, mp3 etc first. Hard to say as I dont spend all day, everyday working on it. Dave 8)
  9. I may go... not sure yet. I live in Nottingham so its a bit of a mission to get there. I will have to let you know nearer the time. Glad you like the player anywayz.... I should be releasing the next version in a few days time.... It will have WAV/MP3/OGG support and a skinable interface and a better file selection dialog box. Dunno if I will get playlist support into the next release but you can be sure it will get in there eventually. Dave :twisted:
  10. Its good. I like the tools so you can page up/down (Was using 0.2a before). Not too keen on the $5 reg nag box... but will prob register a later version when I get round to it. Gotta keep jacoch financed so he can keep developing decent software. Nice1 Dave :)
  11. true... I havnt looked at the sys req for it yet... its released under GNU GPL so I should be able to get the source then tweak around with it. lowering the sample rates of the instruments should speed it up a bit to start with (although we will loose some sound quality). Still gotta sort other bits out first. Dave :twisted:
  12. Hahaha yes..... check http://www.vsoftsol.com/PocketMIDI/ Its open-source (or so I read somewhere) but I cant find the source on the we-site. Might have to contact the author. Should cut it! ;-) Dave
  13. already planning video support (will merge parts of PocketMVP source) and will take a look at midi.
  14. Not at all.... Hmmmm...... its possible i believe but dunno if the SPV has enough processing power. The reason I think this is that I have already tried using the DSP engine and simply by enabling it there was a severe performance hit and that was before I was trying to do a FFT on the audio data to get a spectrum analysis (And as you might know FFT's are quite processor intensive). I will get other stuph done first like playlist, options, file format support sorted first. Dave :mrgreen:
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