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  1. Hi guys As the title suggests, I got my C500 about 1 year ago and was really impressed with the battery life! I could run it for 3-4 days before I had to recharge! Now, 1 year on, from a full charge overnight it's just about to die at 4 in the afternoon with little or no usage!! There has been no gradual degredation in performance, it just seems to have happened a couple of days ago?!? Anyone else had this problem? Cheers Paul
  2. Hey, Just wanted to check that I'm not the only one here that keeps getting places (that I've never heard of) calling me up or sending me texts about getting my phone upgraded? Does anyone else suffer from this?
  3. There is a section dedicated to this. Thats where i got my settings from (O2) and they work fine. Try searching for it. I'll see if I can dig out a link. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...0settings&st=20
  4. Hey guys, someone would be really making my day if they have the tune from Kill Bill : Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei Think this song is legendary and would love it if someone has it??? Please please please???
  5. Additionally, I don't know of any way to get the info back.
  6. I have the same problem and I think it occurrs when you have your phone plugged in and then turn the computer on. I try to make sure that I turn on the machine, and when logged into windows, then plug the phone in.
  7. I was looking at www.mobilefun.co.uk for getting the phones (C500 and SP3i both just short of £300). I've looked at the o2 contact and I can get a Samsung E800 free, and that sells on ebay for about £200. So that combined with some money for my MPx200, and I won't be shelling out that much for the new phone (fingers crossed). I really want to see some pics of the SP3i tho (as in someone holding it) as the promotional pics don't really give you that good a feel for what it's really going to look like in real life. Hmm, just thinking, there's a guy at work selling his C500... might have to see how much he's looking at getting for it! Cheers anyway
  8. Hey guys, Has anyone got the SP3i yet? I want to get a new phone and leave O (the reception in my house is 0!) But I still want to have a Smartphone. My thinking is this... Finish with O Get a contract with o2 and sell the phone I get with the contract Sell my MPx200 Buy my new phone... This is the bit I'm not sure about. The c500 is sexy, but has issues and collects dust under the screen. So does anyone have the SP3i? More to the point, does anyone have any or know of any real life pictures of it? Cheers
  9. Cheers, that's solved it. Now I get to see what everyone keeps raving about! ^_^
  10. Hey, Has anyone tried this on a 2003 MPx200? I can't seem to get it to run, despite uninstalling everything on the phone and restarting it, the game just quits before its loaded (if you follow). Soo wanna try this game out!
  11. I was just looking on the Mobile Fun website too and seen the i-Mate SP3i. My contracts up with O soon and as their reception is worse than poo in my house and area (although this may also be due to my MPx200) I want to make a switch to O2. Anyway, I was thinking of selling my MPx200 and selling the free phone with the new O2 contract and buying the SP3i. My question like you... has anyone bought the SP3i in the UK from Mobile Fun? Are they a reputable dealer and does the phone fix the problem of dust with the c500? Cheers ^_^
  12. Yeah, I've cleared the screen a few times, and you get 100 for clearing it. That's when I got my high score, with most of it being cleared with one click! Such an addictive game!
  13. Damn! I've been beaten :) guess I'm gonna have to play some more!
  14. Seeing as I'm now addicted to playing Jawbreaker, I wanted to find out how many time people have played it, what their average score is, and what their top score is. Here's mine: Games: 1135 Average: 240 High: 726 Big Burst: 600 So how does everyone else compare?
  15. Something like that sounds like only a hard reset is going to fix. If you want your phone working again, then I think that you're going to have to face losing your data (you don't lose what you have on the SD card) but contacts and messages etc... will be wiped. Hope you get it working again!
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