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  1. in recovery Manager : Click MENU (the phones menu button) - choose update Database (it is part of the instructions)
  2. Latest Update 22nd May - Updated clockwork to and recovery manager to 3.6b
  3. What GEN is your device - GEN1 or GEN2 Which ROM did you install? Have you done a Factory Reset (in Clockwork)?
  4. Did you hit the MENU (hard button) in Recovery Manager and do the Update
  5. Unpinned as requested by OP He recommends this thread as a better alternative http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...ded-gen2-blade/
  6. The OLED ones seem to fetch a good price
  7. Great set of questions - I am a bit out of touch with what's safe for ACTUAL GEN2 hardware - The ROMS here are good (swedish spring?) CM7? But Be careful of TPT's can anyone comment and help me out in a suggesting a good RTL (right TO Left) ROM?
  8. Sometimes the Developers of Recovery Manager - or Clockwork change the name of the file - this changes the MD5 - as long as the MD5's match with the ones listed in their thread - then you will be fine.
  9. Is this your current status? Orange Sim - Working O2 Sim - Working 3 Sim - Not working If so I think your 3 Sim is dead - or not been used recently - so de-activated by Three?
  10. StevenHarperUK

    [POLL] What ROM are you using?

    Updated - the task of updating is getting bigger!
  11. Tidied up the first post a bit - hope you don't mind (curl66) The TPT is a great piece of work. edit : I also pinned it.
  12. Latest Update 2nd May - Added FLB r11b Lite and Phat, added Japanese Spring, updated GEN2 warning
  13. StevenHarperUK

    Broken touchscreen!

    The ebay seller that sells new front panels (including digitizer) for £30 is what I have used before.

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