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  1. Palm Foleo... man that thing sank fast didn't it? Basically I'd go for the EeePC any day. You can't install Firefox on the Redfly. If it was like 1lb instead of 2, i'd understand
  2. Stella! STELLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! i'm sorry. i tried to resist
  3. hi welcome, but this forum is for windows mobile phones, and the sony ones aren't. there is a sister site to this one, mobiholics, you can find the link at the menu up the top p.s. ebay, or any online store, have it shipped. but you wouldn't be able to try it out first of course. welcome to my life! (australia's worse dude)
  4. bennish

    gates vs jobs

    it's like... baaaby music!
  5. by the way, also, i don't use 3g... can't afford it and don't need it. surely just using 2g (gsm) would give me a large boost over 3g when it comes to battery power? were you using 3g on your n80?
  6. actually i've read quite a few comparisons between the 95 and 80 - they say that yes, the 80 was very slow, but that the 95 is quite fast. it also has a faster cpu. and i think it's 93 mb, which isn't really too bad. i'm not sure how non-win systems go with ram... but i believe the n80 has 40 mb ram, so effectively the n95 has more than twice the ram you've experienced. the battery life, well i know you're exaggerating about a couple of hours. quite a few reviewers have reported 24 hours medium-heavy usage, and 3 days with minimal usage (basically just texts). i'm the kind of guy who cradles it every day. however, if i was travelling, maybe i'd invest in a second battery... (travelling i'd be using the video, maps, etc a lot). i'm not quite as interested in the gps itself as just being able to download the maps and have them set out in a good program... i'd use the gps every so often of course, but not all the time. thanks for your info on your n80 experiences... i could wait for the theoretical n96 or n100... wouldn't that be awesome, with qwerty slide out, symbian uiq touch, 500mhz, 256mb ram, 1300mAh battery, 8gig, vga screen.... 17mm thickness... mmm... anyway, so is there anything windows mobile based that will do all the stuff the n95 does? basically it's the camera, mapping, and ultra sweetness that gets me.
  7. Hey guys i really like the nokia n95. i tend to recharge my treo 750 every day or two anyway (i'm a cradle guy) so the battery isn't a big problem. Is there anything i should know about that would keep me with windows mobile? I'd feel kinda guilty leaving for symbian but the phone really looks great. Is there anything anyone can say to stop me defecting?
  8. or maybe even the sony p1i? don't know about lack of a dpad tho...
  9. clever i just wish the n95 had better battery... i keep getting told it's terrible. anyone have any experiences with it? btw maybe this belongs in another section...
  10. it's basically htc's answer to the 'iphone' - i don't much like the iphone's touch, and to be honest don't personally think i'd like this either. however, i am impressed that htc managed to bring out in 4 short months what it took apple 'years' to do. it's basically got everything the iphone has. unfortunately, that's as far as they take it. why not a 3.2mp camera to really trump the iphone? and a ti omap 850? nowhere near fast enough. did you see the lag on the menu system in the video? it needs 3d graphics or something. and also, where's the built in memory? they could've beaten iphone. (it doesn't have multi, but multi is only used for resizing photos. everyting else in the iphone is gesture, and this has plenty of gestures).
  11. get the mobile device centre through windows update - it's the new version of activesync
  12. sweet - thanks i actually gave up on bluetooth stereo... too much trouble to pair every single time. but i only used them for short walks. if i was a commuter, i'd love 'em
  13. man... a pickle. i'd say your best chance is continue with glide and wait for missing sync to come out with a wm6 version. by the way, have u tried the wm5 version? often these things will work (e.g. wm2003 progs on a wm5). Also, i know that the vista calendar supports the universal icalendar format. does wm6 at all? would be a reasonable solution.
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