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  1. Take a look at the MINIX NEO X7, seems to have what you need :)
  2. Sorry to bump this really old post, but I have an old Nexus 2012 and would like a fine point stylus, the generic cheapo ones are not so good. Did you ever find one you liked Paul?
  3. The progress was updated yesterday, its looking very nice :) No beta yet, but I think it will be available when they get sound working (at least thats what I read on XDA)
  4. I am very happy with Temasek's latest kang too :)
  5. I saw their facebook post (what a place to announce such things... :blink: ) but did not see any dates mentioned, as it took them a billion years to get 2.3 on the 2x I aint holding any hope that we will see it this year, or even before February next year :(
  6. Thanks for the tips I will look into that :) I wish I could boot my phone as infrequently as my computer, I guess it gets rebooted once a week, my work pc about once every 3-4 weeks heh...
  7. just gonna jump in here, cos I think I am having ram issues too... I find I have to kill the odd app now and again with a task killer. If I don't reboot every other day the audio playback becomes choppy, menus are slow and laggy, I then have to kill a few tasks to get the phone back to normal, sometimes 'kill all' is the only way to get the phone to normal without rebooting. If I could find a way to stop apps loading on their own. (contract killer for example) maybe it would solve my problem, I've used Android optimiser to stop auto-startup apps but it doesn't seem to work for everything. I must confess I am no tech and I am unaware if all of the above is a really RAM problem, I just get the feeling if the Optimus2x had 1gb I wouldn't have these issues. Or maybe its just cos I am using a custom rom...?
  8. had this problem on my work computer where debugging would be enabled but you dint get the USB connected option. just installed the LG usb driver, rebooted and it was working :)
  9. sSword


    I thought this may be the case, thanks for the confirmation :unsure:
  10. sSword


    I just got me an Optimus 2x :unsure: The main reason being I had a desire and could not get all the apps I wanted due to the crappy storage amount I have noticed that the '8gb' storage seems to be split to approx 2gb/6gb and the 6gb shows as 'internal SD' Its not that im low on internal phone space (yet) I just wondered if it can be resized at all? I also would like to know how are custom roms are handling this, for example to they keep the same system as the stock rom, are there any options on resizing, stuff like that? (im not brave enough to root and flash a new rom just yet)
  11. I went with Cyanogenmod 7 too, I am not sure that 720p video recording is working with it tho... http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/14450-c...s/page__st__500
  12. yep same happened to me because i did not wipe first, wipe with clockwork then apply the rom again.
  13. sSword


    Now that I have just rooted I am looking at customisation options. I would love to start modding the Notification bar icons, clock, wifi, battery etc. But it seems its not a straightforward task. There is an App called MetaMorph that can mod these Icons but I cannot get it to work (says there is not enough space in /system ?) 1. Can anyone suggest a way I can mod these icons manually, I have a bunch of PNG's I have created but cant find any guides on this. 2. Cyanogen mod has some sort of theme changer too, does anyone know if this can be added or used with the modaco rom, any pointers on this would be fantastic :( Sorry bout the newbie questions, as you my have noticed I have just started getting into this stuff :(
  14. false alarm, rebooted into recovery, wiped and reinstalled the rom. I dint wipe the first time as the guides did not mention it. its all working now \o/
  15. Hi Folks I decided to go ahead and Root and install a Modaco custom ROM Everything seemed to go OK, rooted using unrevoked, loaded in the ROM via the HBOOT menu and clockwork mod my phone seems stuck at the Modaco logo screen, the HTC quietly brilliant text writing itself over and over... dont want to turn off the fone if its doing somthing? any suggestions?
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